I've just about had it with the store I work for.

Needless to say, I was scheduled for work today. Something inside me didn't want to come home a raving lunatic again after the bottle return would have chipped my sanity away and ground it up in the bottle machines, so I called in. Fuck them.

  1. They never ASKED me if I wanted to work bottles for weeks in a row.
  2. They never ROTATE in other workers into bottles.
  3. They never give me a second person to help me back there (I have to rely on catching a grocery worker who actually cares enough about bottles to help me).
  4. I can't barely take a break without making DAMN sure there's someone else to cover for me (Tricky to do, see the previous point).
  5. Nobody else in the store seems to clean up bottles (Once in a while, maybe).
  6. The way the place is set up, it is now a blatant fire hazard.
  7. The main headquarters wanted to remodel our store... now there is NOT enough room for bottle return and grocery to coexist.

I consider these to be crimes against my sanity. This is inexcusable.

I've spent^H^H^H^H^Hwasted almost THREE FUCKING YEARS of my life in this damned store. Two years as a bagger. Almost one year supposedly in grocery. They haven't figured out I don't like mind-numbing gruntwork. They still have some of the most inept managers I've seen work there.

All this time, I've simply played along, tried to be nice to everyone, almost tore my hair out numerous times trying to be nice. All because I figured I should have another job lined up before I tell them "Fuck you all" and walk away.

Fuck them all. They can find their own damned bottle workers.

Or maybe they can't. Maybe that's why they keep jamming me in there.

But that still doesn't excuse them from rotating me out.

There is another store down the street. There is a tech firm my cousin works for. There are stores all over the city and it's neighboring cities. I don't NEED this store.

But all this time, the problem was simple: After leaving the job for the day, I was in no mood to go job hunting. I needed my days off just to try to get my mind back in order.

It's a trap. It's a goddamned trap. You work in or get suckered into bottle return, your sanity gets wasted away slowly until you don't want another job.

Now that I took today off, I've got time to relax.

And once I'm relaxed enough to find another job...

...I'll leave them all behind...

...the hellish beeping of the bottle return will be forever silenced...


On the brighter side, I finally registered the domain name exclaimindustries.net. What I'll do with it, I have no idea.