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I couldn't get any air when I was driving to go get a paper this morning. I turned up the nob to the highest setting and still couldn't feel anything. Then I realized what the problem was--all the vents were pointed toward the roof of the car. Sure, I would get some air in a little while, but I was impatient. So I flipped them so they faced me and received a wintery blast of recycled air.
Then I ran over a child.

Life is always strangely analogous.


According to plan, I spent the day giving in to decadence. Pondered the relevance and reality of revelations made yesterday. Serious and far-reaching changes might finally be done now, but does not yet (if ever) manage to establish any enthusiasm.

There is an unreleased gothic evil lurking in this town, which makes me wonder why it is such a popular tourist resort. Today someone on the island I'm currently residing on wanted their neighbours pony shot, as they "didn't want to stare into a horses ass when eating dinner". This made national headlines in Norway. I'm outdecadenced.

All weekend gone in a flash. Can I get some more?

Shut up, son. Get back to work

Anyway, spent the weekend in the sun, reading. I have begun reading Isaac Asimov's Foundation series. Or that's what I thought. The preface of Prelude to Foundation included a list of recommended reading to do before charging right ahead into the Foundation series. I decided not to pay any attention to the preface and began reading. If the following >1M words are of similar quality and style, this should be quite enjoyable.

Today's Soundtrack: The K&D Sessions by Kruder and Dorfmeister. Groo-vey.

Went on the new TOLL 429 - Orlando Western Beltway this morning. The toll booths kick ass - the E-Pass express lanes are full speed and the change/receipts lanes are on the outside, signed almost as an exit. A drawing is at http://oocea.com/images/tollplaza.jpg .
Today we're celebrating the fact that last Sunday and the day my brother Dave was born are equivalent mod one revolution of the earth around the sun. So he invited over his friend Alicia (platonic I'm pretty sure). Of course they go up here and turn the Playstation volume up all the way, and it turns into an argument, and they have to go downstairs and play on the TV down there (which is better - but they thought our parents were watching a movie). Problem taken care of for now at least.
For this monumental occasion of the equivalence of the said values, I am giving my brother a TI-89, the fourth one I've won at a math competition. (The second one went to my math teacher and I traded the third for an HP49.) I almost didn't give him the calculator because he's been bugging me aboot it forever, but I didn't want to give him Pukemon and I had nothing else to do with the calculator.
Last night I decided that I needed to get out of my house. My phone line was dead, so I couldn't get in touch with anyone. I eventually drove up the Blue Route to King of Prussia and bought the new Sunny Day Real Estate album.

This morning, I still feel dead. I told my dad I was going to Mass. The divinity of Jesus is something I stopped believing in a long time ago, but he doesn't have to know that. I skipped church, drove down to Marcus Hook, looked at the oil refineries, got gasoline, got McDonald's. Got my mom a birthday card. And everywhere, I looked in vain for someone I knew, someone who might care.

Came home, called the only person in Pennsylvania I can truly call my friend - no answer. He must still be in Colorado. I don't really want to do anything with him though. We just get together and watch the other's soul die. Both of us are caregivers, both of us pour our hearts into friendships and relationships, too much maybe; we always chase them away. In the end, it's always just me and him. I cry. He cuts himself.

So it's home alone for me today. It's going to be another wasted day in this wasted year. Day after day, my depression lifts a little more, but it's replaced by nothingness. People who knew me once call me a stranger, and every day, I see more of the stranger inside myself.

There are times when I really feel like giving up, you know? Times when it seems like it would be easier to throw in the towel and become a hermit, because at least then I wouldn't have to pacify so goddamn many people and I wouldn't have to count on people that seem to constantly fail me. Those times are the reasons I actually made an mp3 list of "sad songs."

Gratefully, today is not one of those days. I got a kitty yesterday.

It sounds strange, probably. I'm a person who is clinically depressed, yet unmedicated (by my choice) - it would seem odd that a little furry animal would make me feel better ... but it seems to make all the difference in the world.

I've been lonely lately. I broke up with my SO of a year and a half, a lot of my friends are out of town for the summer, I work too much, go to summer school, then come home to an empty house because my roommate would rather watch her boyfriend sleep than see me.

I've had better summers.

Then, my ex got me a kitten yesterday. Apprently, someone was giving them away, and he saw her and immediately thought of me (my last cat was killed six months ago). Since I've been sleeping alone (and, conversely, I sleep even worse than usual), he thought that a cat would help.

I think it does. When I start to drop, start feeling that slow descent that I know so well, I have someone to pick up and give loves to who completely and totally adores me. She'll never let me down, she'll never leave me, and she'll never tell me that she loves me when she doesn't mean it.

Hell, I don't need a girlfriend. I just need a cat.

First off, I find myself wanting to give Uberfetus a hug, and stuff.

Once again I have shied away from my real feelings, replacing them with watered down versions as to soothe the hurt of others. My original intentions never seem to last, they are devoured by the intense need to be nothing that they've all been for me, the pain and the hurt, I can't bring myself to be that to anyone. This is awful for me, and probably a character fault. I can't seem to get away from it, though..

My ex has decided that we should be friends, I know that we shouldn't be, and I've not talked to anyone that could give me one reason in support, yet I can't say no to him. So, here I am, giving him pieces of me that he doesn't deserve. All I can think is that I am an idiot for doing this, and for knowing I have the ability to prevent it, but won't. Sometimes I wish I was the same as I used to be, so that I could tell him that he could have the heart he ripped from its place, he could help pick up the pieces of me that were destroyed by his carelessness. It's too late though, now, I picked them up on my own.. and I am not a sad little human anymore. I have nothing but respect for life in general, I've new friends a new life that does not involve him.. how to make room for someone simply because they want to be there, not because you want them to. As much as I don't want to admit it, he is hurting me again, and I'm letting him. No one to blame but myself, this time.. then again, I blamed myself last time, and it wasn't even my fault.

It is so horridly gloomy here today, and it's not helping the mood I'm slipping into, which is not depression but utter confusion.

There are a lot of little baby rabbits around this place, 6 at present, more on the way. My sister has gone mad. One of her rabbits is quite sick, and it had to be taken to the vet today.. $110 later (it was only a 10 minute visit), the rabbit is still sick but hopefully it will live. This is the first time my parents actually took a rabbit to the vet when it was sick, generally they won't pay that kind of money but my sister is really good at looking completely distraught (probably because she is really distraught).

My little brother was given a gun, a "22", or something. I know nothing about guns, other then the fact that I don't want my little brother to have one.. he's 15 and not that incredibly responsible, or careful. ("I don't have to be careful, I've got a gun!" - Homer.) At least my parents are making him take a gun course before he's allowed to go around shooting random little creatures that don't deserve it. There is currently a mass rat slaughter going on in the barn, 9 so far with a rat trap.. there are so many, and yet, if it were me I'd probably let them live because I can't stand to see anything die regardless of how "ugly" or "gross" some people might find it. My best friend, she generally gets a great deal of satisfaction from learning that another rat has been killed.. funny, considering she cries injustice when someone shoots a pigeon or a ground hog. She has one of those "you can't kill cute things" attitudes. It bothers me.

Sometimes I wish other people's hurt didn't cause me more heart ache than my own.

"We could die tomorrow, might as well enjoy this.." - "Sleepless", Jann Arden.
My birthday, and the first day waking up in the new apartment, which was awesome. Y and I went to B&N for coffee. I asked the guy at the counter if they had soy milk, and he said "Do I swim?" Um, no. Soy.Milk. Why do I bother? So I got a black cup of coffee, bought the Sunday Times, Giant Robot, a photography mag (LensWork, I think), and a book. Go figure.

After that we went to a restaurant/bar downtown that I've been meaning to go to for months, for Sunday brunch. Our waitress had a hole in her right ear the size of a penny and we heard My Funny Valentine sung by a non-Frank who was apparently on ludes. Then we went to this modern secondhand place (that sells "modern" 50s/60's stuff), but it wasn't open yet, and we had to piss like racehorses. So we drove to the university looking for Caribou Coffee but it had mysteriously disappeared. So found a Burger King. Anyway, we went back to the store and tooled around for a while, and I bought two red chairs for $150. I probably got ripped, but they have good shapes, nice lines, and once I have them reupholstered with more seat padding they'll be sweet.

Around noon, I felt like I was coming down with something, so we went back to the old apartment so I could get my Wellness Formula herbal defense system. You're supposed to take three every three hours at the first sign of imbalance in your system. They're big, odd-smelling things. Then we went to the market, went to dinner, came home, and passed out. I got up three hours later, went to work, and here I am. I just finished a mug of TheraFlu, which is my favorite OTC med. Good thing I have the next two days off.

My Egghead Convention Weekend (or, ModernAngel's First MENSA Annual Gathering, Short Version)

Today: Eve: MS Access 2000 purchase, grocery shopping, stir-fry, a nice long phone chat; HMM3, Fox Sunday evening TV lineup, and a little smot-poking before bed.
Morning: Wake at Adam & Cris's. Collect my stuff (except my wristwatch, oops) and drive 1.5 hrs home (Ringoes to Clifton, NJ). On I-78, wildflowers are no longer "in progress"; they are in full summer bloom, in big patches, on the median.

Yesterday: (SAT) wake ~7:15AM, shower and primp to arrive at Philly Phrolics Hospitality by ~9:45. Rye bagel with cream cheese, a beer is tempting but I stick with coffee. Presentations I attend:
  • 10:30 "Easy Travel & Packing Light", by a flight attendant
  • noon "Bad Science" by a historian
  • 1:30 "Stop Me Before I Kill God Again" by the author of Towing Jehovah
  • 3:00 "Emotional Intelligence" by a psychologist
  • 4:30 "The Essence of Reality", by some guy
  • At some point: MENSA Boutique: I can't resist a logo'ed coffee mug, and I pick up two copies of the Fluxx card game, one for my hosts and one for an occasionless gift to the first person I can actually imagine playing it with someone other than me. Maybe my niece.
    The drive back from Philly to Ringoes takes about an hour under these beautiful, luminous crystal weatherless driving conditions, with the just the lightest of traffic sprinkling the road. Dinner is bruschetta, spaghetti & meatballs in jarred portabello mushroom sauce, a little wine, an Old Deadly's Blackadder for dessert. Adam spins up a RuneQuest character.

    D-2: (FRI) The Philly Phrolics program says that registration ends at 9AM, so I drag myself out of bed (er, couch) at 6 to be on the road by 7, figuring it takes about an hour to get there and giving myself a full hour of cushion. Traffic on the PA Turnpike extends my travel time to 2.5 hr, and I arrive at the hotel resigned to missing a day of Phrolicing. The registrar is kind and animated, they pin a "My First Time" button on my nametag in honor of my first Annual Gathering. They send me to Hospitality, where I unwittingly rub shoulders with the speaker at tonight's 6:00 presentation.
  • Missed the coveted 9:00 "Sexuality and Chocolate", dang.
  • 10:30 "Information Evolution" by an electrical engineering professor.
  • long lunch break. The 24-hour hospitality suite offers such a range of sandwiches, ice cream, beer/coffee/soda/juice/etc., fruit, snack veggies, and sweets, that I could easily consume my registration fee in free food. I can't imagine how the AG can be break-even financial proposition.
  • 1:30 "The Reality of Near-Death Experiences" by some guy.
  • 3:00 "The Genetic Revolution and its Moral and Social Consequences" by a biotechology researcher.
  • 4:30 "Biblical Apologetics and the Pseudo-Intellectual, or Fundamentalism as the Thinking Man's Religion", by a liberal theologian.
  • 6:00 "For Men Only: How to Make a Woman Feel Beautiful", by a trademark/copyright lawyer.
    I get back to Adam & Cris's around 9PM, about ready to fall down after all the mental stimulation of the day; but of course they worked all day, they can get up late tomorrow, they're ready to watch TV and chat and show me pictures of their wedding and honeymoon in Italy (about 3 weeks ago) for a few hours. I nibble a slice of pizza, and eye the couch (aka "guest bed") as we sit through Lexx and that show about the guy who turns invisible and homicidal.

    D-3: (THU) I should have called them earlier in the week to tidy up plans, because I can't reach them by phone until about 8PM, and they weren't expecting me until tomorrow night. I arrive shortly after 9, we are all beat and interested in little more than TV and a round of beers.

    My two days of Philly Phrolics was a lot of fun, I practiced some spontaneity and social skills that needed some dusting off, the presentations were (almost all) entertaining and/or thought-provoking. Social grace seems to be generally lacking, but the widespread congenial tolerance makes up for it. I'll be adding my notes ("The Long Version") in bits and pieces over the next few days; there's a smorgasbord of practical info and mind candy I gleaned, a suite of hospitality/signal to share with y'all.
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