My birthday, and the first day waking up in the new apartment, which was awesome. Y and I went to B&N for coffee. I asked the guy at the counter if they had soy milk, and he said "Do I swim?" Um, no. Soy.Milk. Why do I bother? So I got a black cup of coffee, bought the Sunday Times, Giant Robot, a photography mag (LensWork, I think), and a book. Go figure.

After that we went to a restaurant/bar downtown that I've been meaning to go to for months, for Sunday brunch. Our waitress had a hole in her right ear the size of a penny and we heard My Funny Valentine sung by a non-Frank who was apparently on ludes. Then we went to this modern secondhand place (that sells "modern" 50s/60's stuff), but it wasn't open yet, and we had to piss like racehorses. So we drove to the university looking for Caribou Coffee but it had mysteriously disappeared. So found a Burger King. Anyway, we went back to the store and tooled around for a while, and I bought two red chairs for $150. I probably got ripped, but they have good shapes, nice lines, and once I have them reupholstered with more seat padding they'll be sweet.

Around noon, I felt like I was coming down with something, so we went back to the old apartment so I could get my Wellness Formula herbal defense system. You're supposed to take three every three hours at the first sign of imbalance in your system. They're big, odd-smelling things. Then we went to the market, went to dinner, came home, and passed out. I got up three hours later, went to work, and here I am. I just finished a mug of TheraFlu, which is my favorite OTC med. Good thing I have the next two days off.