An annual rock festival in the Netherlands. Also known as Camping flight to Lowlands paradise. This festival typically lasts 3 days during the first weekend of the new school year. Now that's what I call a good start of the year.

2001 update

I went this year! It was as good as I had expected, if not better.

We, me and three friends, left for the festival on thursday evening (acts start friday afternoon, but we wanted a place to put our tent). When we arrived I was overwhelmed by the massive line that had already formed by the gates. After spending an odd two hours in this line, cheek to cheek with the other festival-goers, we finally made it past "customs" and we were in.

We met another friend on the inside who helped us find a place to camp. It was not easy, because all the good spots had been taken hours before. But, we managed to put our tent up after a quick one hour stroll across the grounds.

Unfortunately, the spot we had picked was near the 24-hour tent. So far for shuteye. I spent the night staring at the contours of people walking by, and the two beautiful women sleeping next to me.

That morning, before coffee, security came by and told is to move our tent. Apparently we were blocking some escape route. So we called some people on the other side of the terrain and told them to find us a spot. We picked up the tent and moved it.

Yay. We were now settled, and the festival was about to commence. We had to wait in line to enter the seperate festival grounds, but upon having made it in, it turned out to be worth it. The festival part seemed like heaven after the camp site. Full of pretty colours, green grass, and excellent music. If memory serves me right, the first gig I saw was Zebrahead in the Dommelsch tent.

We moved around some more, with numerous long breaks lying on the grass. We didn't see anything noteworthy that day. Although I did hear Hooverphonic, Tricky, and a bunch of other acts from my horizontal position on the grass.

Second day. Uhm. Memory fails here. I think I went on a rollercoaster ride.

Third, and last, day. Memory fails again. I just remember a rainshower which forced us into the tent Manu Chao was playing in at the time. It sucked. I think this was the day I saw Fear Factory. That did definitely not suck.

All and all, the whole thing was great. The only major drawback to it was that there were around 55000 people crammed in way too little space, and that it was about 35°C. But it's amazing how fast you get used to that.

If you want to go for the music or other artforms that are there: don't. There is no way you can see everything you want. You should praise yourself lucky if you get see a tenth of it.

But, if you want to go for the ambience, the people, or the marihuana, you should definitely go. No matter how much a ticket costs. It'll be worth every penny.

Lowlands festival.

Lowlands 2002 runs from 23-25th of August in Biddinghuizen, Holland.

For 97.50 Euro's you can get admission to the three day event, its on a camp site, so bring your tent. For 114 euro's you can also get admission to Six Flags Holland for each of the three days as well.

On top of the bands, they also have a theater where you can catch stand up comedy, and cabaret acts as well.

So, if you are planning on being in The Netherlands in Aug. I suggest going to see the Lowlands Festival. Or, if you are lucky enough to live there, well, you probably already have your tickets then.

Fortunately, there is probably more to the festival than what I have listed, but the site I was gleaning information from is still under construction, and has a very limited English section. Most of the information I got was actually from the Dutch portion. Thank you =)

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