Lowlands festival.

Lowlands 2002 runs from 23-25th of August in Biddinghuizen, Holland.

For 97.50 Euro's you can get admission to the three day event, its on a camp site, so bring your tent. For 114 euro's you can also get admission to Six Flags Holland for each of the three days as well.

On top of the bands, they also have a theater where you can catch stand up comedy, and cabaret acts as well.

So, if you are planning on being in The Netherlands in Aug. I suggest going to see the Lowlands Festival. Or, if you are lucky enough to live there, well, you probably already have your tickets then.

Fortunately, there is probably more to the festival than what I have listed, but the site I was gleaning information from is still under construction, and has a very limited English section. Most of the information I got was actually from the Dutch portion. Thank you www.lowlands.nl =)