"You can call me the mango kid - But your girl calls me baby!"

Danko Jones is the baddest piece of Rock'n'Roll to hit the music shelves in a long, long time. I am not talking about all this new metal shite - we are talking honest-to-its-roots, bass-guitar-and-drums-rock, not entirely unlike Metallica, but far less complicated. In a good way.

Danko play songs with an amazingly raw intensity and cheeky lyrics, usually about the man himself - Danko - chasing after females in one form or another.


Danko Jones is quite a band. They (Damon Brown, JC and Danko himself) started their career in Canada, in 1996, by grabbing a notebook, writing down all the stuff they didn't like about music, setting out to change things. Within months of starting their own band together, the name of Danko Jones was whispered, said, screamed and - knowing danko - moaned, all over Toronto city.

Soon, CBC program "The New Music" ran a Danko Jones special, sparking a feeding frenzy for record companies, but Danko refused to take any of the offers; "a Danko Jones album would just be like a discarded piece of sweat-stained lingerie giving off a mere whiff of what happened the night before." In other words, if you want to see Danko Jones, you better shell out for a ticket, and then get in there to see the concert.

However, after having been asked when the album was coming about six hundred and sixty six times, the first firm piece of Danko-evidence was released, in the form of Danko Dones EP, on the swedish (!) record company Bad Taste Records

From here, the waves just kept hitting the shore: A few albums later, Danko Jones embarked on a world tour, which is - at the time of writing - still going on with loads of concerts in Canada and Europe.

I bought a white cadillac
I bought it off my mom and dad
They said don't forget the keys, son
so you can get it on

I keep the back seat for lovin'
I like to drive up front
And when we're making out
I keep your boyfriend in the trunk

About the music

Hard to describe. Soulful rock, perhaps? Or rockful blues? Or might VICE magazine be more on the spot with "The baddest, cruellest, meanest soul man ever to pick up a guitar"? Or to quote danko himself; We are not, and do not want to be the lukewarm, spoon-fed, generic, safe, asexual kind of rock music.

And - in the name of all that is holy - there's no real danger for that either. The Danko Jones stage show is about as good as it gets without using explosions or light shows - three guys who know how to rock, and who really get the audience going.




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