Went on the new TOLL 429 - Orlando Western Beltway this morning. The toll booths kick ass - the E-Pass express lanes are full speed and the change/receipts lanes are on the outside, signed almost as an exit. A drawing is at http://oocea.com/images/tollplaza.jpg .
Today we're celebrating the fact that last Sunday and the day my brother Dave was born are equivalent mod one revolution of the earth around the sun. So he invited over his friend Alicia (platonic I'm pretty sure). Of course they go up here and turn the Playstation volume up all the way, and it turns into an argument, and they have to go downstairs and play on the TV down there (which is better - but they thought our parents were watching a movie). Problem taken care of for now at least.
For this monumental occasion of the equivalence of the said values, I am giving my brother a TI-89, the fourth one I've won at a math competition. (The second one went to my math teacher and I traded the third for an HP49.) I almost didn't give him the calculator because he's been bugging me aboot it forever, but I didn't want to give him Pukemon and I had nothing else to do with the calculator.