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  • It was the second day of the contest and I was going to miss my ride. The dress was thin and you could see the Mickey Mouses on my underwear. I forgot again what to do with the purple cord, tried to use it as a belt but my mother tied it around my neck instead.

    I knew I was late but I went for a walk with nate anyway. He wasn't supposed to talk about the birdhouses but he was so excited, wanted to show me. Towering, 20-foot birdhouses that doubled as speakers, and a new super-secret project, a suspended jogging trail that would never decay. We walked down a gravel path which he assured me was 10% coal, though I didn't see any. Dem bones shouted behind us that it was getting late for both of us and nate better not be giving away any secrets.

    I waited in the parking lot, afraid I'd missed her. She showed up in a station wagon, an uglier woman than I'd imagined. I showed her the underwear problem and she showed me hers. She had on lace shorts though, so it wasn't as bad, and said I could borrow them. I pointed out that they were way too long for my skirt and she gave me an analogy involving a catapult.

  • Mr. Byrne was about to give me a pedicure, and was explaining the choices.

  • Dolly Parton or Minnie Pearl was driving the bus and having a hell of a time. I tried to brighten the headlights but couldn't. She had no fear of what was in front of her - trucks, fences, buildings, we plowed through. We decided coffy = coby.

  • I wanted to read her letter but he threw it into the ocean. It was all right; I found money floating in the waves.

  • In jail I knew someone would ask me for my money, and he did. I emptied my pockets but managed to keep the $550 bill I'd found in the water. Later he took me to a terrible concert and offered me Smarties. He was cruel but I was trying to be easy to get along with. I suggested we team up instead of being enemies. He was not familiar with this concept. "I tell you one thing, I don't care what we are, if I'm going to be around you, you have to lose some of that fucking weight." I agreed, happy.
  • We were standing in the locker room at the JCC,
    and he looked me in the eye and said, (in the wordless language of dreams),
    I love you again, Damian
    That hit me in the stomach like a rock, and made my mind buzz

    We wandered around and wondered about kissing in the bathroom,
    but then someone else came in and we didn't, and then we wondered, what does that mean?
    So we went home, and I kept thinking,
    Is this real? Is this real?
    I went to bed and woke up in the dream and it was real

    But then I woke up, and it wasn't.

    E2 nightmare. I made a node, and thought I had named it correctly, but when I refreshed Everything New Nodes it came up under some bizarre, totally wrong, nonsensical title. I was horrified, and thought that even if immediately requested a node title edit, people would see it anyway. Then I made another one, and the same thing happened, only the title was different. Sheesh.

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