Since all I have done thus far today is node, all I have to talk about is some interesting observations of everything milestones:

I now have 50 nodes of reputation 11 or better. (Er, not anymore. That didn't take long to remedy!) I think it will take considerably longer for me to raise the bottom of my first page of user listing from 11 to 12 than it did from 10 to 11.

I have contributed over 50 nodes, primarily other-people's-poems, so far today.

Nearly 2000 of my nodes have a nonzero reputation, proving that they at least have been voted on (and thus, seen,) refuting my assumption that the majority of my output has been arcane little dirt nodes. It is both true that the vast majority of them are at reputation 1 and that it is possible that some reputation 0 nodes have been voted on and then counter-voted to restore the balance.

I have been Ching!ed a lot more than I recall (pre-Cool Archive, I guess) and let me tell you, there is little sadder (well, maybe big puppy eyes) than a chinged node at reputation zero with no softlinks on the bottom. Did the person who chung it merely want to bring it to attention without necessarily approving enough to vote? Were they out of votes? Did they ching and vote, leaving the next person to see it listed on the frontpage to disagree and vote it back down? So many questions...

Time for a nap. Yesterday at this time I was walking down a mountain (despite rabbinical appearances, wielding no tablets). I'm a biggie on contrast.

I'm feeling the stirrings of want, notably of wanting to be something, greatly increasing the chances of my being motivated enough to become anything.

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