Everyone knows that just because something is named a certain way in English does not mean that it is the same in another language. This same rule, to a lesser extent, applies to countries. A popular example is how Germany is called 'Deutschland' by the Germans. Even more varying are the names for nationalities in different languages. Someone we call 'German' is 'alemán' in Spanish, 'tedesco' in Italian, 'njemetskii' in Russian, and of course, 'deutsch' in German.

The following is a list of the English names of all the nations (and semi-nations) of the world, with their local equivalents (if at all different) and the local language. Names which are significantly different from their English counterpart are in bold, and countries whose official and most common language is English are simply starred.

And then, of course there are others, some who are vying for independence and/or have disputed independence:

That's it, but if anyone can fill in any of the gaps I left, or has a correction or insight, please contact me

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