Full name of the country usually known as Bosnia in the U.S.. Formerly part of Yugoslavia, it borders Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro and has had a lot of conflict with Serbia over ethnic Serbians living in Bosnia. Sarajevo is in Bosnia.

Some comments on the CIA World Factbook country profile:

The term "civil strife" is a bit vague in this case, someone might think it means civil war. The 1992-1995 war in Bosnia and Herzegovina was not merely a war between factions within the country, but a war that was greatly dependent on help from Serbia and Montenegro on one side, and Croatia and some Arabic countries on the other side -- both in arms and in troops. Serbian and Croatian presidents, Milošević and Tuđman resp., are known to have had plans to carve up Bosnia and Herzegovina among themselves.

In general, Bosnia doesn't really border the Adriatic, since its only coastline is a small county of Neum, a couple of kilometers of coast, and part of a tiny peninsula called Klek. This area would normally fall under Croatia since it's completely surrounded by Croatia and it is inhabited predominantly by Croats. However, with the January 26, 1699 peace agreement, the nearby independent Dubrovnik Republic sold/gave a few miles of coast to the Ottoman Empire so that the Venetians wouldn't be able to attack them from land, only from the sea. (Neum was the northeastern land border of Dubrovnik Republic; the southeastern land border was a place called Sutorina and that was also sold to the Turks. Today, that is part of Montenegro. But I digress. :-)

Anyway, it would be more accurate to say that Bosnia borders Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro.

Not all of Herzegovina is inhabited by a Croat majority, only the part west of the river Neretva. The part east of the river is mostly inhabited by Serbs, with a notable Muslim majority in the northern town of Konjic and the eastern part of the town of Mostar, which lies on the Neretva river itself.

The information on ethnic groups is surprisingly incorrect -- according to the the 1991 census, there were 44% of Muslims, 33% of Serbs and 17% of Croats. On the other hand, such a skewed statistic makes the mass ethnic cleansing obvious, and implies that the Serbs actually have a right to 49% of the territory (which is what they got in the Dayton accords).

All in all, Bosnia and Herzegovina deserves a much better node than this... <shrug> Working on it.

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