I took my cool mom to the hospital today for some tests. More tomorrow. I hope we find out the results soon. Waiting is the worst part... We tried to get a cell phone for the upcoming road trip. This was a disaster, as the people at SunCom, located in a chichi redneck Yuppies' shopping center were Not Interested in speaking to us. I'm considering Sprint PCS, it looks okay.

It's the third day that my SO has been gone, and I had promised myself to keep a journal of thoughts, poetry and favorite quotes and poems to give to him after the summer. I haven't had a chance to find and buy a good blank book, though. I hope he doesn't think it's silly, but his sense of miyabi or romance is similar to mine. It's taken me a while to learn this, at first I was afraid to express myself in these girly mushy ways. Who'd have guessed he was like that? Now if I could just get him to dress nicely...sigh.