I ate the biggest breakfast ever eaten
I had potatoes with some kind of meat gravy/creamed beef thing, pancakes with apple goo, and a filipino sweet fried pork thing (the name escapes me). Then I had fried rice and more potatoes with crap on them. Then, I had a cinnamon and sugar donut, still warm. Then, I wanted to throw up. Bad.
But instead I climbed up and down stairs for a half hour.
An aircraft carrier is very big. I get to verify that the fuel transfer system is properly aligned before we pump fuel anywhere. This prevents us from oozing fuel somewhere real hot (where it will burn), or into the ocean (where the captain will burn). To do this, I must climb down five steep sets of stairs seven times.
It is a long way.
It is hard.
I sweat profusely, because some of the ladders are in really hot spaces.
Watch out! This chair will suck the life force out of you.
Written on the desk in front of the Propulsion Plant Supervisor's chair. Propulsion Plant Supervisor is a title like sanitary engineer--it sounds alot spiffier than it really is. The Prop Plant Supervisor, aka P-Desk, just logs everything that occurs in the Steam Engineering Plant. A logkeeper, a writer downer of things, the P-Desk is excruciatingly boring.
Tadpole is sick. Real sick.
My boy's temperature shot up to 106 yesterday, so wife rushed him to the hospital where they gave him shots and other excruciating things to fix him. He is better, with no permanent damage (thank goodness). He had to give the nurses a urine sample, and for those not yet potty trained, this usually involves catheters. But, he has had tremendous success in the potty arena lately. So, the nurses gave him 15 minutes. In the last second of the last minute, he peed in the cup, to the great applause and celebration of everyone involved. According to my wife, he is much better today, but has to return to the hospital for a follow up visit. Every time he thinks of having to go back, he sobs. It makes me sad as well.