My paycheck correctly reflects my 401(k) contributions. Yay! My medical insurance deduction increases by about 18%. Booo.
After work, I visit the friendly Division of Motor Vehicles office, to see what has to happen to transfer the Sundance title from Florida, co-ownership to New Jersey, sole ownership. The paperwork is familiar from my initial move here, but the frosty, condescending, stupid bitch who gave me a hard time then, now tells me that I have to get the former co-owner to fax a driver's license. WTF? OK, I assume there is a good reason for this, even though it doesn't match what we did last time... I return home and call the co-owner and it is done. I plan to return tomorrow and finish this deal up. With any luck the Ice Bag will have been consumed in her own vitriol before I have to deal with her again.