The boxes of my collection Sparks and Shadows arrived at my publisher's doorstep this morning. She's got to check and number the copies, and then she'll be sending me a small box via Priority Mail (so I'll be sure to have copies to take to WisCon next weekend) and also a larger box via regular mail.

The collection is a softcover limited edition; Nalo Hopkinson wrote the introduction, so her signature's on the book as well as mine. It's 356 pages long, and it's a mix of science fiction, fantasy, horror, even a little romance and mainstream fiction. And plenty of proverbial pie, gin, boobies, and kickin' ass.

This is my first book, and I'm freakin' giddy, kids.

A well-published female author (who asked that she not be named) said that when she got her author's copies of her first book, she spread the books all over her bed and covered her naked body with them.

Despite my giddiness, I'm reasonably sure my celebrations will not involve nude book-rolling; my husband has a new camera phone and I fear the consequences. He has promised champagne, though, which we'll keep well away from the copies.

Anyhow, several of you have expressed interest in obtaining the book, since the essays and a couple of the stories in it began their lives as nodes here on E2. If you're going to Hot Damn this summer, I can hand-deliver copies to you; just PayPal $18.95 USD to and leave a note in your order that (1) it's for a copy of Sparks and Shadows, and (2) that you will be picking your copy up at Hot Damn in Ohio. And then send me a message. I'll only be at Hot Damn on July 4-6, but we can work something out if you're coming a bit later.

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