the most fear is coming

I'm feeling so lonely, I need you here by my side but you´re not! don't you get it? my silence is yelling at you, I know you are worry about me, and you continuosly are asking me how I feel, if I feel something different inside of me, and I tell you that everything is fine and you just believe it! don't you see? that I'm lying? you pretend to know me, well you just failed in this one. I need you, I really need you, here is the truth of how I feel right now

I've been waiting for your call, I've waiting for you to come with me and tell me that everything is gonna be alright, that you will never leave me, taht you really love me and you realle wanna be with me, I want you to tell me all this and I wanna feel it, I wanna feel what you really feel and think about me,
those nights we spent togheter were amazing to me, and those days we spent have been the happiest days of my life in long time ago, so it really hurts me your attitude and I miss you and I'm gonna miss you when you moved to continue your college

but now let me tell you this past 3 days have been the longest and stressful days of my life because of the fact that my period has been late for 2 days but mostly because your not here with me knowing the fucking true! you just asking me about it but you just say "give it a couple of days, it will show up" trust me I really hope it shows up but from now on let me tell you, if you keep hurting me with that attitude I will push you out of my life little by little and make you suffer without touching my heart.

I know you love me that´s why I know I'll be hurting you

The misery of an infotechnological refugee
/me misses /me

I'm not around here at E2 very much, these days. This is certainly not due to animosity toward any fellow noder, nor toward any officer of the E2 administrative body. Nor has any brilliant wup of mine been inadvertently nuked of lately. And I'm not particularly sensitive to abusive language in the catbox.

On the contrary, I've spent four+ perfectly blissful years here, regularly logging in on E2, reading and commenting nodes, writing a few of my own, and sometimes using abrasive language in the catbox. But this can no longer go on.

The reasons are purely technical. Because whenever I try to log on to E2, I get the following error message:

Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the incon- venience.

And then Internet Explorer closes, without further ado. Period.

Well, I am sorry too. In the beginning (during the last days of March 2007) I was actually a lot more than sorry, because I had no way of communicating the problem to any appropriate guru at E2. I was simply thrown out of the Internet whenever I tried to enter E2 and consequently couldn't even send a /msg.

Then it dawned on me that E2 Gods sometimes have e-mail addresses to their usernames. In this way I was lucky to reach kthejoker, who was kind enough to give me a remedy: try to disable javascript (which is called 'Active scripting' in Internet Explorer 7.0).

So I did, and it worked beautifully. Except for one thing: in order to surf on any other site (my bank, etc) on the Internet, I had to 'Enable' 'Active scripting' again. So for me a session on E2 means that I have to do four consecutive operations (I; II; III, IV below):

I) Go to Tools > Internet options > Security > Custom Level > scroll down to 'Scripting' > find 'Active scripting' > check 'Disable'

II) Log on to E2

III) Log out from E2

IV) Go to Tools > Internet options > Security > Custom Level > scroll down to 'Scripting' > find 'Active scripting' > check 'Enable'

Can I be blamed for not wanting to go through this silly ritual daily? So nowadays I check E2 only once or twice every few weeks or so. This means that I'm not very up to date with what has been recently written on E2. This leads to a sad feeling of alienation, which in turn greatly reduces my inspiration and desire to write for E2.

It's a most curious thing that I seem to be the only one who is affected by this rather disastrous technicality. I would be most grateful if some brilliant geek (which I'm certainly not) at E2 could find me a more permanent solution (other than abandoning IE, which I'm not prepared to do). In that case please send me a /msg, or even better, an email:

Thank you for your attention.

Yours Truly,

/Infotechnological E2 refugee/

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