mama is short 4 "" the words that more less describe the people and idea behinde Croatia's most popular net.culture club.
Founded by Multimedia Institute - mi2 (which is far less serious then it sounds), running by the enthusiasm of extreamly young group of people (everyone less then 30 years old).

Probbaly the only place in Croatia where you can meet the best young DJs, Croatian Linux User's Group members, media artists, tactical media activist and theorists ...
promoting, new media, alternative culture|technology|lifestyles ...

It is drug free, alchohol free and anti-corporate atmosphere ... with people using internet caffe,
mama-media_archive(publications : books , magazines, CDs, DVDs,) attending screenings or playing around while listening to non-stop live playing/mixing DJs.
If you are in Zagreb, CROATIA you should not miss this place.

Ma*ma" (?), n.

See Mamma.


© Webster 1913.

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