Warning: This is by no means a firsthand account, this is in fact based on reports from my girlfriend about my stepson

It's morning again! Every day this week it's happened, and it's great! I'm kind of struggling to open my eyes right about now, I wonder if mom knows I'm awake yet? Maybe I need to wake her up! Here she is, all I had to do was cry a little bit and she's right here, it's great! What's she doing now? Oh my god, she's taking off my clothes, what's going on? Why's she have to change me when I just wake up like this, why? Oh well, it's all clean now, it's okay, I'm kind of hungry, I guess it's that time again today. It's like she can read my thoughts, as soon as I wake up I get a fresh bottle and everything! This stuff isn't bad, but I'm not quite liking it, I guess I can't finish it all, I'll just spit it up. Mom looks so sad now that I spat it up though, I wish I knew why!

It's time to go and ride in the car to go see the doctor! It doesn't take long, but it's kind of weird riding in a car like this. Now that I'm at the place, mama takes me out of my seat and carries me in, and everybody looks at me, I look back with half open eyes, it's really bright in here, too.

The doctor looks at me and mom and I guess he decides we're both okay, that seems to be what doctors do. After that I get to eat again! I still can't quite follow all of it, it all flows down so fast! I guess for some reason mom thinks I need to get changed again, it's getting annoying how often this happens, I don't like getting changed. After I get changed mom starts to look tired, but it's all good because so am I, I guess I"ll take a nap.

It's dark out now, and it's kind of colder now, but for some reason now I'm all bundled up. Mama is typing something on her screeney thing, I wonder what she's typing about? She talks an awful lot about daddy while she's typing, she says he can't wait to see me, but who is he? I saw a person on her screen once! He was big, and seemed to be smiling a lot, he looks really happy when he's smiling.

After eating again, I guess it's time to go to bed again, this whole being awake thing is tiring! Good night everybody!

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