Beth Hart's second album was released in 1999 under Lava/143/Atlantic Records. It's rock/pop with blues undertones; lots of raw emotion pour from her voice. The production is pretty good - not too polished, that would ruin her sound. Immortal was her first CD, released in 1997. I haven't bought that one yet, but I'm going to look for it. Her raw, earthy, scorching voice just captivates me. I didn't think I'd like this particular singer when a friend lent me the CD - her musical tastes are very different from mine - but I have listened to it over and over. It's my current favorite.

You can read more about Beth Hart's early years on in her biography; I just really like her voice - a lot. Her lyrics and voice really speak to me; one quote from that page is what I really liked: "It's all about the music".

1. Just a Little Hole
2. Delicious Surprise
3. L.A. Song
4. Is That Too Much to Ask
5. By Her
6. Get Your Shit Together
7. Stay
8. G.O.P.
9. Skin
10. Girls Say
11. Sky is Falling
12. Mama
13. Favorite things

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