So, this is the end. It had to be off to a bad start when I got home (to Long Beach- I remembered!)...and set off the alarm. And I didn't know the code, I couldn't turn it off. So I did the next best thing- I took a scissor and cut the cord leading into the loud-ass speaker in the closet. Then the cops came, seemed satisfied that I belonged there...

Then I came online and found this:

Hi Nechama, If you somehow check your ema before you get home, you MUST call home, and get home, your father needs to speak to you it's an emergency. They have been trying to contact you since like 7:00pm, and are really worried, plus you'r father had a meeting tommorow w/Spirn I think so you really have to be HOME.

Incidentally, Penina is the friend I was supposedly sleeping at while I was really cavorting around in Loon's Loony bin. And I was supposed to call home from her house, but I never did, which means my dad called there (ack! he wasn't supposed to have her number!), and I am very, very screwed. It may seem like overreacting but I am a child who has been instilled with fear of physical force. Spirn is the principal of my school.

Farewell, Everything, it may be a while. I will almost certainly not be allowed out for a LONG time, sigh, yes this include's WickerNipple's "disgusting" party. /me is scared, almost crying really. And I didn't even get to sing a song.

UPDATE, the next afternoon: So here's what really happened. 15 minutes after I left home my dad got word that my gradfather died. He spent the next 6 hours trying to reach me- got Penina's number from my school, then got the number of everybody else in my grade and mobilized a massive chain. He called Lith (who was supposed to come, and who I told Penina was going to come, but who got sick and didn't come) and accused us of sleeping together (we went out for FIVE DAYS months ago). He called my school and spoke to the people staying late there to work on the yearbook. They created the new username Metacognizant123 and noded one of their cell phone numbers, hoping I'd call.

I didn't see him til after trials involving missing my bus and having just enough money and time for public transportation I arrived at school, met livid him there, and was carted away to the already begun funeral...

But I got to meet noders. I LOVE noders. And the shit i got into in the end left me so pumped up on anger that I wrote five poems. Don't get me wrong, I love my grandfather too. But that doesn't mean I love all the strangers enforcing artificial silence at his funeral.
First off, I want to thank everyone who made some portion of the evening last night for coming.

Secondly, I want to apologize to everyone for my comedy of errors. I AM ASS. My onetime dream of becoming a party-planner, I believe, has been crushed. The night was definitely filled with beautiful music, though if Jane had sang, it would've made my life... And I must say, I'm impressed with the voices of our fellow noders, especially dee, with her rendition of One from the Chorusline. And who can forget yossarian and Jennifer... the glances, the smiles, the rose and the song -- they rocked out some Aerosmith with Walk This Way. I personally probably brought down everyone's mood when I sang the Freshman by Verve Pipe. Yeah... so we noders rock for being the mad performers that we are.

I want to give a couple of shout outs... so thanks to:

  • yossarian and alienhuman for swooping in to save us at the last second in Zen Palate.
  • Jennifer for her help in organizing this shindig (actually, she just came up with the idea of dinner, so I blame the bad karma of Zen Palate on her). Fine fine... it was my damned idea to eat there.
  • ism for not saying goodbye to me specifically... Wait, that's not something to thank him for... but thanks for making it to dinner.
  • Metacognizant... I'm so very sorry if you get in trouble for this. I hope things work out with you, and you can make it back to us. And I can still pronounce your name.
  • WickerNipple for having the patience with the whole fiasco and being the radiant being that he is. And also for grabbing my ass. That was the highlight of my night.
  • StAB for stabbing me repeatedly with her bamboo sticks. She didn't sing, and it was my damned fault for stealing her song with Wickie. Doh.
  • weStLY for being suspicious... suspicious like a fox. He did disappear for long periods of time.
  • Phyllis_Stein for coming... Did you even drink? Hope that it didn't mix with the medication...
  • EagleEyez for waiting at the bar and asking the Lehman people if they were part of
  • Kit_Lo for making the thing finally. He was looking smooth in his cool hat. And he actually ordered food at the bar! (Sorry if it sucked. I noticed that you didn't eat even half the burger.)
  • GangstaFeelsGood for picking me up and allowing everyone to grope my ass. And then for letting me pick him up in retaliation.
  • nocodeforparanoia for making it with three -- count 'em -- three fairly newbie noders. Also for being patient after we booted him from the restaurant and for doing the shot with me that probably pushed me over the top at the end. And he sang a beautiful song for his parents' anniversary. I cried.
  • pano for lighting my mouth on fire.
  • deeahblita and Infinite_Burn for bringing my drunk ass back to my dorm... then trying to take advantage of me sexually. Thank god I got you two out of there... You might've broken all my wine glasses.
  • ...and every other person who was able to make it and I can't remember their names (specifically, the two cool dudes with nocode). * Update: Well, I remember one's name is pawlicious and the other one's got dash or something in it... damn...

Like stand/alone/bitch, I LOVE MY FELLOW NODERS, and thank you all for coming and brightening my weekend.

...and then I took it up the ass.

Schoolgirl sweetie with a classy kinda sassy little skirts climbin way up the knee..

What can I say but.. HARDCORE.

Thanks to Loon for organizing this. When I finally find a place to live (hopefully this summer) it's all me, baby. Hold me to this.

  • I held stainless steel balls.
  • Deeahblita was unimpressed by my claim to white trash fame.
  • Loon gave Yossarian the rose first, to confess his undying love (or lust.. but who's counting?). That's my story, and I'm stickin to it.
  • Tracy J's switched versions of "Walk this Way on me. I was totally unprepared for that new-fangled Run DMC version.

    All in all, a night of widespread debauchery.

    Loon dazzled us all, as a one-person den of iniquity.
    Wickernipple was dead sexy.
    Stand/Alone/Bitch... is singing next time.
    Yossarian was a better Stephen Tyler than I could ever be.
    Nocodeforparanoia-- I want that visor.

    After heading home at around 3:00, I did some Physics, and an hour and a half later I was putting on my crew spandex-and-fleece combination for 2 hours of running. And more running. And lifting. And now I've been at work all day.

    Pictures here:
  • I was waiting inside and outside Tracy J's. for the rest of the noders at 10PM. Then I saw an Asian guy looking through the window of the place, and I followed him to see the rest of the gathering. Believe me, when I say I'm a stealthly person, that will be my only way to blow my cover of being "hidden." I don't like to be that hidden.

    A guy came in through the outdoor gathering holding roses, and he was singing to us. He asked us to give him some change for the night, and I came in first with a dollar. It's the avatar within me that is generous.

    When the rest of the cast went in, I saw deeahblita behind me. I just wanted her to tell me how she would hate my guts, and I'll leave. She didn't want me to leave. That was the strangest moment because I expected her to slap me left and right. She was trying to convince me that she likes me as a regular human being. She even insisted that I go to the next TES party. Okay, fine - I'll order a burger and I'll stay.

    For the karaoke segments, deeahblita did "One Singular Sensation" from A Chorus Line. I did New York, New York, but that didn't happen until we were ready to leave. However, my microphone-unfriendly voice was saved by deeahblita singing with me.

    Just like how I entered the gathering, I left the gathering alone. I took the subway home, at around 3AM, with no taxi cabs or whatnot. Alone.

    I hate going home alone.

    As I work in New Jersey, I know that I'd not make the dinner on time; based on what I've heard and seen perhaps I should be glad.

    Somehow, though I think it might've been better than what I had to witness at the Whiskey Cafe in Lyndhurst, NJ - line dancing lessons which further progressed to line dancing to the Backstreet Boys. But that's a tale for another time.

    After a friendly coworker was kind enough to drive me to Hoboken, I took the PATH train into Manhattan and walked my way over to Tracy J's. As I didn't get to the bar 'till about 10:55, I figured everyone would be there and settled - thus making it easier for me to find these people I've never met.

    A Duke game was ending, and thus the bar was quite crowded - but the bouncer directed me to the back of the bar when I asked where the Yon party was. I wandered through the screaming fans looking for some sign (Loon had told me to look for a tall asian guy) or some familiar looking faces (I'd read with interest of past events and seen pictures) but several beers must've clouded my memories.

    Toward the back was a large party of assorted folk, and some looked strangely familiar. So, I did the logical thing - I asked if they were from Everything2 and got strange looks in return. Quietly, I returned to my observation post 'till I saw everyone else arrive.

    I met people, I drank beer, I saw people sing and I had a grand old time. It was nice to put faces to usernames, and to meet new people and if invited, I'd like to attend other such gatherings so that I may speak to those I didn't get to chat with.

    Side Note: Based on information in the above writeups, and a conversation with Loon I have discovered why the other party looked familiar - they work for Lehman Brothers apparently, and I know someone they work with. She often throws parties and I must've seen them there before.

    It is a small world after all.

    I've been silent long enough and now it's time to get the stories straight!

    Karaoke was grand, but my voice was nowhere near up to par as I had spent most of the evening shouting across the noise in various conversations. By the time I got to sing, my voice was hoarse. My singing teacher would be so ashamed. *sniffle* I was, however, impressed with Infinite Burn's divalicious voice, and nocode's heartfelt tribute to his parents. I was moved, man. Simply moved. And Kit, I'm glad you stayed.

    By the time all other noders had left, a sloshed Loon was sipping from a nearly half full bottle of champagne. Of course we had to help him finish it off, and I'm still holding onto the bottle as a reminder. Perhaps someday that very bottle will be good for a noderlicious game of Spin the Bottle. After the bartender made Loon down a sulfur-laden glass of water, IB and I escorted Loon back to his dorm.

    Now, we've all heard that LOON is ASS but LOON sure as hell doesn't put out ASS (and one of his flatmates doesn't like hearing about ass - "at least on a worknight"). It was he who teased IB and I with potential. We *minimally* provoked him, even going so far as to do the humane thing of reminding him that he could blame the alcohol. He offered us a leeeeetle too much information than he should have shared, for his own sake. We were the good samaritans, accompanying the uber-drunken Loon home. We're the victims in all this, darn it!

    I, however, was the one that got us upstairs (I used the ole "I have to pee" routine -- I actually did have to, though). Loon spent our visit on the borderline between puking and passing out, sitting upright in a chair nodding off drunkenly while holding a wine glass full of cold water in his hand. It was amusing to gauge how close he was to tipping over onto the floor. IB and I chatted for a while before deciding we weren't going to be able to take advantage of him, and dragged him to his feet so we could leave. It was at this point that IB decided to express his frustration at the lack of sex by throwing his empty wine glass at Loon! (Okay, okay. So that's just there for the drama...he did, however, knock over a glass with his bag by accident. I like my version better, though!)

    I was having a grand ole time with InfiniteDahling, and decided to drag him out for food. And we didn't only talk about sex. And the sexual conversations weren't only driven by me. I've sadly come to the conlusion, though, that there isn't much chance of me seducing him. *SigH* As irresistable as my charms can be - I think perhaps he must something because he wasn't responding to my overt flirtations. Hmph!

    The best thing that came from this night was that Infinite Burn and I have determined that he and I need to host a grand noder affair, our style, sometime this year. Beware :)

    *HugZ* to all the NoderPeeps I met, new and old. My balls enjoyed your attention, dahlings! :)
    And a special kiss-on-the-cheek-and-a-wink goes to none other than the adorable Metacognizant

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