I was waiting inside and outside Tracy J's. for the rest of the noders at 10PM. Then I saw an Asian guy looking through the window of the place, and I followed him to see the rest of the gathering. Believe me, when I say I'm a stealthly person, that will be my only way to blow my cover of being "hidden." I don't like to be that hidden.

A guy came in through the outdoor gathering holding roses, and he was singing to us. He asked us to give him some change for the night, and I came in first with a dollar. It's the avatar within me that is generous.

When the rest of the cast went in, I saw deeahblita behind me. I just wanted her to tell me how she would hate my guts, and I'll leave. She didn't want me to leave. That was the strangest moment because I expected her to slap me left and right. She was trying to convince me that she likes me as a regular human being. She even insisted that I go to the next TES party. Okay, fine - I'll order a burger and I'll stay.

For the karaoke segments, deeahblita did "One Singular Sensation" from A Chorus Line. I did New York, New York, but that didn't happen until we were ready to leave. However, my microphone-unfriendly voice was saved by deeahblita singing with me.

Just like how I entered the gathering, I left the gathering alone. I took the subway home, at around 3AM, with no taxi cabs or whatnot. Alone.

I hate going home alone.