So, this is the end. It had to be off to a bad start when I got home (to Long Beach- I remembered!)...and set off the alarm. And I didn't know the code, I couldn't turn it off. So I did the next best thing- I took a scissor and cut the cord leading into the loud-ass speaker in the closet. Then the cops came, seemed satisfied that I belonged there...

Then I came online and found this:

Hi Nechama, If you somehow check your ema before you get home, you MUST call home, and get home, your father needs to speak to you it's an emergency. They have been trying to contact you since like 7:00pm, and are really worried, plus you'r father had a meeting tommorow w/Spirn I think so you really have to be HOME.

Incidentally, Penina is the friend I was supposedly sleeping at while I was really cavorting around in Loon's Loony bin. And I was supposed to call home from her house, but I never did, which means my dad called there (ack! he wasn't supposed to have her number!), and I am very, very screwed. It may seem like overreacting but I am a child who has been instilled with fear of physical force. Spirn is the principal of my school.

Farewell, Everything, it may be a while. I will almost certainly not be allowed out for a LONG time, sigh, yes this include's WickerNipple's "disgusting" party. /me is scared, almost crying really. And I didn't even get to sing a song.

UPDATE, the next afternoon: So here's what really happened. 15 minutes after I left home my dad got word that my gradfather died. He spent the next 6 hours trying to reach me- got Penina's number from my school, then got the number of everybody else in my grade and mobilized a massive chain. He called Lith (who was supposed to come, and who I told Penina was going to come, but who got sick and didn't come) and accused us of sleeping together (we went out for FIVE DAYS months ago). He called my school and spoke to the people staying late there to work on the yearbook. They created the new username Metacognizant123 and noded one of their cell phone numbers, hoping I'd call.

I didn't see him til after trials involving missing my bus and having just enough money and time for public transportation I arrived at school, met livid him there, and was carted away to the already begun funeral...

But I got to meet noders. I LOVE noders. And the shit i got into in the end left me so pumped up on anger that I wrote five poems. Don't get me wrong, I love my grandfather too. But that doesn't mean I love all the strangers enforcing artificial silence at his funeral.