After all my panic about not being able to fund Stanford, I owe you guys the good news that I've received a research assistantship. Although it'll draw out the amount of time I spend in grad school, this year's tuition will be paid--and I'll even get a bit of a salary. I found this out a couple of weeks ago but the timing seemed to be a bit wrong to announce it.

In other news, I performed an actual, legal wedding ceremony, was finally introduced to the evil silliness of Black Adder, and started a study journal/blog (/msg me for the address if you actually want to read it). I also more-or-less quit work, went to Lake Tahoe for the first time, took the Stanford Chinese placement test, heard from two long unheard-from friends, watched many many nodes bite the dust, had two flat tires, and took the phone message that my boyfriend's grandfather had died. It's been a couple of weeks of small and large (and cataclysmic) ups and downs. If I weren't so terrified of it, the start of school should be a welcoming bit of routine.

P. S. I put a flag up on the 13th, in solidarity and in sympathy. It was the one printed in the local newspaper--I think it's the first flag I've ever displayed in my life. I also registered as a disaster volunteer with the Red Cross, gave money to the firefighters' association, and wish I could do more than talk in order to help Muslim Americans and the others who are receiving the hatred of idiots... And it's all so little. Anyway, subject change!

I'm looking forward to a few TV shows. Enterprise (yeah, even though I'm a non-Trek-person), the return of Dark Angel, Gilmore Girls, and Frasier...

Off to grad student orientation tomorrow. See ya!