Wow! what a day. I'm still home; stuck here because of tornadoes.

Larry and Meghan were missing for hours, the storm hit their college and did much damage. Paul's daughter also goes there. Her car was totaled by the tornado (she wasn't in it). 2 people were killed in their car, 1 is reported to be trapped, 4 others injured. It pales in comparison by numbers to the other recent tragedies but not to the parents of these children and not while your child is among the ones who have not been able to call home yet.

Ours are home at Meghan's mom's house (less than a mile from another area the tornato struck but 30 miles from the college) now, getting ready to go to bed and comforted by each other's presence. I'm so glad they have each other.

My honey is out covering the news so I'm off to bed alone but so emotionally wrung out that I probably won't notice.