Gilmore Girls is a television show on the WB. This show is particular for three reasons:
  1. It isn't about twenty-five year old actors playing teenagers who fuck like rabbits (which is generally the show of choice for the WB).
  2. It has received funding from a group called the "Family Friendly Programming Forum", which is made up of large advertisers such as Sears and Johnson & Johnson who want "family friendly" programming to sponsor.
  3. (In my opinion) It's good.
The show is about a very eccentric 32 year old mother and her very serious 16 year old daughter who live in a small Connecticut town. The townspeople tend to be bizarre, very bizarre. (The fact that the show involves teenage pregnancy along with other such topics seems to show that "family friendly" doesn't seem to mean censored.)

The program reminds me of Northern Exposure -- quirky and very down-to-earth. One of the show's traits tends to be scripts with a lot of dialog, often very funny and in rapid fire, with sentences piling on top of each other. Gilmore Girls can get a little melodramatic at times, but at least it's not another cops or lawyers show.

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