The absolute sexiest part of a woman's anatomy. There's nothing quite like a slightly tanned midriff with just a hint of six-pack showing through, complete with a neatly tucked innie belly button. It's quite breathtaking, really, this beautiful display of soft flesh bordered on two sides by warm cloth - it teases the admirer as to what lies both above and below.

Shania Twain has one of the best midriffs I have ever seen.

Mid"riff (?), n. [AS. midhrif; midd mid, middle + hrif bowels, womb; akin to OFries. midref midriff, rif, ref, belly, OHG. href body, and to L. corpus body. See Corpse.] Anat.

See Diaphragm, n., 2.

Smote him into the midriff with a stone. Milton.

<-- no pos in original. Should be n. -->  

© Webster 1913.

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