Two Weeks. Two weeks since the WTC. That and a day since Hermetic said goodbye. I didn't know him, although I've read his homenode and some of his writeups subsequently. We had something in juggling. I like his writing...wish I'd gotten to know him before he left.

Life here is beginning to return to normal, although we all still seem to have a morbid facination with the T.V. I guess that after a certain amount of carnage, you just get calloused. I've been laying off the news channels, because I don't want to become numb to the size of the tragedy.

I'm worried about my friend Beau. He's in the reserves, and he's already been called once to confirm his address and his uniform size for his chemical warfare gear. It's scary to think that he might be called around the world, because some madman wants to kill us. I am proud of Beau, and I'm glad that we have people like that to protect us, but I'm worried. Damn the terrorists to hell anyway.

Today is different. Today the scent, the feel of Fall is in the air. The sky is that perfect cloudless turquoise, and the leaves are just beginning to think about turning. I'm glad that today is so nice. I found out that my office is probably gonna close. I'm gonna loose my job, and I just bought a house. Maybe this is the impetus I've needed to finish my degree. I'll just keep telling myself that opportunity is often disguised as trouble. Maybe I'll even buy it. I'm scared.