Let's see.. Big news down under today is the Brownlow Medal winner, Jason Akermanis. Yes folks, it's Grand Final week here in Melbourne. This is a good thing because it means that:

  • The football season is nearly over.
  • There's going to be about three weeks after this Saturday where nobody talks about the AFL! Heaven!

So I'm not the biggest football fan. I spent last night having a few beers with some mates and watching the Brownlow medal count. Somewhat of an Aussie tradition, I guess, the ritual of sitting around the television, drinking beer and refelecting on the season gone by. Of course there's the eye candy that is some of the trophy women who seem to exist solely to go to the Brownlow dinner on the arm of a footballer... I guess it needs something to get the punters to watch.

But fuck me gently with a chainsaw, I was stunned when the winner was interviewed with some of the inappropriate questions asked of the medal winner by dumbfuck commentator Bruce McAvaney:

  • "So, Jason, how did you feel growing up without a father?" (Excuse me?)
  • (On a camera shot of Kevin Sheedy "Ah, there's a shot of Sheeds, wonder what he's thinking now..." (Who give s a fuck? Sheeds didn't win the Brownlow!)
  • "So, did you come (to the dinner) on the motorbike tonight?" (Yes, in a dinner suit with his fiance in a dress)
  • "So when are you getting married?" (which has what exactly to do with football?)

The mind boggles.

Oh, and there's some stuff going on in America, but hell, it is Grand Final week after all! Roll on next week, I say. Bring on the cricket and the spring racing carnival, stuff most people could care less about.

We're so ridiculously good at cricket it's a joke, even if the whole game is fixed by some indian bookmakers and we have to put up with wankers like Shane Warne representing our great country.