The Rhapsody Returns
09.25.01 :: 15:51

so no shit, here i am, at werk...i've been up for some hours now, and i'm all out of ephedrine. you see, i haven't gone to class for a month, and i realised i had a test today. funny thing that. so i spent all night reading the finer points of greek history.

so, you see, now, i'm quite delirious. i think i'll tell a story...stop me if you've heard this one:

The Legend of Tree Bob
once upon a time, there was a huge scotsman named bob. now, bob had an unholy tolerance for alcohol, and a propensity to drink even past that. so, one night bob gets tanked at the pyrates' camp, and stumbles off into the woods to water some shrubbery or something. Time passes. much stumbling, thumping and crashing is heard from camp. finally, bob calls out: "hey! where are you guys?" and a pyrate calls back: "we're by the fire, bob!" and bob replies: "which one?" for he was apparently seeing three of them. someone yells back: "the middle one!", but bob is hopelessly, drunkenly lost, 20 feet away. so some useful pyrate lad goes into the woods to retrieve the tanked, but merry, bob. at this point, bob walks into something. "oh, excuse me, miss," says bob, gallantly, "my, you're pretty." the pyrate lad catches up to him, and stares, saying only: "it's a tree, bob." bob has yet to live this down, and most likely never will. i just wish like hell i knew *which* pyrate that was...