Woozy (at least to me) is the state you get into when you haven't eaten in a long time. If you have skipped a meal, it's now hours later, and you have:

Drinking soda, consuming sugar, staring at a computer monitor seem to enhance the effect.

The Woozy is a creature from the Wizard of Oz book series, first appearing in The Patchwork Girl of Oz.

He looks a bit like a square-cornered dog, but is made of flesh, not wood. He is unusually proud of the lone 3 hairs at the tip of his tail, and loves to eat honeybees. His eyes flash fiery sparks when he is angry; saying "Krizzle-kroo!" to him is guaranteed to get a few sparks.

A description of the Woozy, from Patchwork Girl of Oz:

"The creature was all squares and flat surfaces and edges. Its head was an exact square, like one of the building-blocks a child plays with; therefore it had no ears, but heard sounds through two openings in the upper corners. Its nose, being in the center of a square surface, was flat, while the mouth was formed by the opening of the lower edge of the block. The body of the Woozy was much larger than its head, but was likewise block-shaped--being twice as long as it was wide and high. The tail was square and stubby and perfectly straight, and the four legs were made in the same way, each being four-sided. The animal was covered with a thick, smooth skin and had no hair at all except at the extreme end of its tail, where there grew exactly three stiff, stubby hairs. The beast was dark blue in color and his face was not fierce nor ferocious in expression, but rather good-humored and droll."

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