Well, there definitely are people that do.

Working at a supermarket for the time being, I get a great sense about who consumes what. Specifically I work in the beverages department, alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

(Please note: I currently live in Germany where alcohol consumption is legal at 16 years of age. You can buy a .5 liter can o' Becks beer for approximately 50 cents in any supermarket in the country.)

We sell about *3* times as much beer in cans as we do in bottles. Bums come in at any time of the day and buy beer in cans. Old ladies come in and get their beer in cans. Teenagers sidle in and get a couple cans, of course, actually paying for them is only an option...

Basically, most people will settle for canned beer. Bums don't care about the quality of their alcohol. Neither do teenagers, who just want to get high quick. And old ladies do it because of the cheaper price tag.

Besides the obvious advantages of beer in bottles, they are also much easier to recycle. In Germany, the bottles are returned for a refund and are washed and refilled.

Drinking beer in a can symbolizes that you don't give a fuck. If you truly drink beer for the taste (which is something I can only understand in the case of Guinness), you will buy your beer of choice by the bottle. Or straight out of the keg (even better).

This has been a Standard Nodeshell Rescue.

Of course we drink beer from cans. It's the most efficient way to do it.

  • Even if you look at the same brand you will get more beer for your cash if you buy the canned version.
  • Cans tend to hold more beer, so you have to make less trips to the fridge during your session.
  • Cans can be chilled faster so you don't have to wait so long to get a drink. (However, I concede that your beer will stay cold for longer if it's in a bottle.)
  • Cans can easily be crushed and so take up less room in your bin.
  • Modern cans are one piece affairs, leading to less littering in the form of discarded bottle tops.

Beer is a nice drink to have when you are hot and tired. It's good to sit around with a few cans and chat, play video games or watch a movie and it provides a gentle way of getting comfortably drunk over a prolonged period. You can make a pleasant evening out of it.

So remember kids, the packaging is nothing to get snobbish about. It's the beer that's the point.

Most of you who are reading this, and do enjoy drinking beer will probably agree with me that bottled beer does taste better than canned beer. That's the reason why I usually drink beer from bottles (or freshly drawn from the tap of course).

However, there are some situations when you want to drink beer but can't get a hold of bottles so you are forced to fall back to canned beer.

A very good although personal example is a camping site of a concert festival. Naturally, glass bottles aren't allowed there, so it's canned beer for three days. Lots of it.

Of course drinking beer in the summer sun with some nice friends and good music definitely means having a good time (at least to me =).

So after that everytime you get a hold of a can of beer I remember such days and suddenly it tastes much better. Actually, canned beer is the best for just that reason.

Is anybody able to come up with some good factual reasons why canned beer shouldn't taste as good as those in glass bottles? I'd be really curious.

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