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Users of illegal drugs frequently need to use code words to converse more freely about their evil habits. A classic example, 420, supposedly came about in California when some kids wanted to talk about getting stoned without letting on to authority figures what they were up to. Or perhaps slang developed because some druggies are too far gone to pronounce methamphetamine properly.

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Lab drugs:

MDMA: ecstasy, X, E, rolling, XTC, Malcolm, adam, rolls, rolling,

ketamine: special k, vitamin k ephedrine

Valium: Jellies, Goofballs, Librium, Ativan


Quaaludes, lude, luder

Phencyclidine, PCP, angel dust, killer weed (PCP + weed)

Rohypnol & GHB: gamma hydroxyl butyrate: georgia home boy, liquid ecstasy, grevious bodily harm, max, scoop, Somatomax, Mexican valium, Forget me drug, roofies, rope, ruffles, woofies


Opium & Opiate Painkillers


Sources: various related metanodes, http://www.lycaeum.org, http://www.addictions.org/slang.htm

For some reason, I thought it might be nice to have a listing of the various words used in the culture that surrounds marijuana. Most of these, I have gleaned from either context or E2. I may very well be wrong about some of these; if so, msg me and I'll correct it ASAP.

In addition, if there isn't already a write-up, I'll just go ahead and nodeshell them, with an eye toward the future.

An interesting (well, perhaps) British slant on this dates from last year, and the Tory party conference. Anne Widdecombe, failed novelist and crypto-fascist opposition minister nicknamed "Doris Karloff" for her resemblance to Frankenstein's monster, decided that the way to get the utterly crippled Conservative Party back into power at the next election was to launch an immense crackdown on users of cannabis users, at a stage in our country's history where marketing and advertising executives are drug imagery to sell us all shit we don't need and even 'respectable' mainstream newspapers1 say that, y'know, pot's probably not that in the general scheme of things.

With brilliant timing, seven Cabinet ministers then came out and admitted to have smoked cannabis, utterly discrediting Widdecombe2 and plunging the party into even greater ridicule.

Thereafter, it became a trend on British streets for potheads to approach their dealers with an inquiry of "Got any Widdecombe?"

1 Although the fact that all of Fleet Street takes enough cocaine daily to kill a small horse did not go unnoticed.
2 Although the fact that she celebrated her little tirade with a glass of champagne did not go unnoticed, along with leader William Hague's boast that he regularly drank 14 pints of bitter a day as a teenager.

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