Also known as buddah, ganja, dope, weed, et cetera. This is a rather commonly found herb which when dried contains THC, a chemical known to interact with the brain and produce a subjectively enjoyable set of sensations. It is a psychoactive.

Along with wacky weed, Mary Jane is a term that absolutely no one uses to refer to marijuana, unless of course you're asking her to get you some.

more often known as Mary Janes, since wearing just one can be a bit tiring, and lead to joint disorders in later life.

These are those super-cute, usually shiny, usually black shoes with a rounded, closed toe and a thin strap that buckles over the instepschool girl shoes. They come in other colors as well, but black is pretty much considered the classic for the style.

The slang term for cannabis or marijuana is one I have only ever heard used by cops or in those annoying PSAs. Perhaps, when not used to refer to shoes, this term is a good warning sign that somebody is trying to set you up? If you run into someone who offers you Mary Jane, and they aren't holding a shoebox containing ruby slippers or something similar, walk away.

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