I finally got the chance to see this film two days ago, after going round my pothead mate lofidan's house. He had the DVD of it sent to him by a friend from America, knowing of his 'ahem' evening habit.

Half Baked is a relatively low budget American comedy with a weak story line. Basically these guys wanted to make a film about smoking weed and probably came up with the plot while they were as high as kites. Despite this, it has some classic hilarious sketches in it, which makes it worth the watch.

The four friends are:

David Chappelle .... Thurgood Jenkins/Sir Smoke-a-lot
Guillermo Díaz (I) .... Scarface
Jim Breuer .... Brian
Harland Williams .... Kenny Davis

The plot:

Kenny gets put in jail for killing a diabetic horse at the very beginning of the film. The other 3 friends have to raise $1 million bail to get him out of jail before his virgin asshole becomes virgin no more. They decide to do this by selling dope, which Thurgood fraudulently obtains from the hospital he works at as a janitor, sorry, custodian.

They end up getting into trouble with the main drug dealer Samson Simpson who demands $20,000 a week to let them live. They decide to do one big raid on the hospital's marijuana store, but end up getting caught by the cops.

They cut a deal with the cops to entrap Samson Simpson, this succeeds in the end. They get off the hook, and Kenny gets let out of jail. Everyone’s happy. Oh yeah, to make the story line slightly more interesting Thurgood becomes obsessed with Mary Jane who is extremely anti-drugs. He kicks the habit at the very end of the film, stating that he loves weed, but he loves pussy even more.

A couple of brilliant comedic scenes:

  1. Scarface quitting his fast-food job. Grabbing the PA Microphone he points to his stunned co-workers in turn saying.....Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! You cool........Fuck you!
  2. Thurgood attending an AA type meeting. Getting up on stage in front of the other drug addicts:

    Thurgood: I....am addicted to marijuana
    (An addict in the audience immediately stands up)
    Drug addict1: You in here, for some marijuana! Man this is some BULLSHIT!
    (Another addict stands up)
    Drug addict 2: Marijuana is not a drug! I used to suck dick for coke
    Drug addict 1: I seen him!
    Drug addict 2: That's an addiction man, you ever suck any dick for marijuana?
    Drug addict1: Harrrrr?
    Thrugood: No.......no I can't say I have
    Drug addict1: BOO this man! BOOOOOO!!!!

All in all, a half-decent film. Best if you’re stoned though.

PS-Just had it pointed out to me that Drug addict 2 is Bob Saget an actor known for his sappy tv show in the US Full House. There are quite a few cameos from well known people in the US, unfortunatly being British I didn't spot any of them.

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