Perhaps self-explanatory, an eighth is one-eighth of one ounce of marijuana. A pretty hard-core stoner friend of mine says that the stoner community considers an eighth to be a pretty small amount of dope. An eighth may be the smallest amount that a drug dealer traffics in. An eighth of quite good stuff runs about $50-$60.

Usually, however, what is labelled an 'eighth' is actually around 3.5 grams.

See pot jargon metanode or drug slang metanode for other units of pot-selling.

Eighth (?), a. [AS. eahtoa.]


Next in order after the seventh.


Consisting of one of eight equal divisions of a thing.

Eighth note Mus., the eighth part of a whole note, or semibreve; a quaver.


© Webster 1913.

Eighth, n.


The quotient of a unit divided by eight; one of eight equal parts; an eighth part.

2. Mus.

The interval of an octave.


© Webster 1913.

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