In Montreal the biker gangs make a drug called peaches. It is basically speed and morphine mixed together. The attitude towards peaches in Montreal is weird, people that say they don't do drugs will pop a peach. Maybe it's the way that they are distributed so openly in the clubs or the fact that they work everytime, will rarely kill you and are cheaper then drinking booze. As a side note the pill shares a name with a fruit never described below this wu.

all info from the year 1996-1998, apples (a more messed up high) were on the market in 98 but peaches were and I believe still are going strong coming into 2002.

Something my fiance has nightmares about.

You know how we all have our little pet peeve-type things we can't deal with like the cliched chalkboard fingernail scratch and such? My such things are knives scraping on a plate, other people's eye-goop and colonizing insects.

But enough about me, my man is neurotic about peaches. Its that fuzzy skin they have, it makes his skin crawl just thinking about it. Needless to say he never eats them and certainly won't touch one but this man actually cringes and pushes the cart the other way when he comes across them stacked neatly at the grocery store. When I first found this out I jokingly taunted him with a peach and he really didn't find it funny. Now that I know the extent of his peach phobia I could never joke about it!

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