A handy little device, essential for sm0king in the city. It is a small metal tube that is painted quite a bit like a cigarette - complete with the orange filter.

The business end of the special cig is wider and bowl-shaped and quite nicely accommodates a small quantity of green matter. While ensuring to keep your tongue rolled in the way to prevent epiglottal scorching from fiery projectile inhalation, light the end and breathe.

Each step in the process of the consumption of a special cigarette looks 100% innocent to any onlookers. I've even heard accounts of one being used while officers of the law were proximal.

This item is also useful when too lazy to roll.

N.B.: /me does not condone anything, and has never inhaled anything either, ok
Useful indeed, but there is a better alternative. Available in the UK are Concept machines. These little babies take an empty cigarette paper, complete with filter (that can be drilled through to stop it preventing the flow of too much green matter I imagine). These papers can be bought for about a pound a box, which gives you about 50 empty cigarettes.

The machine basically packs the tobacco et al into the paper/filter combo.

The end product is a cigarette that is relatively indistinguishable from a regular cigarette, and even looks at home among a regular pack of smokes.

After a while, the "special cigarette" (a.k.a a bat) will no longer be as clandestine as it was when new. The device is made of painted aluminum, so is heavier than a real cigarette. This means that, unless you have unusually muscular lips, you will have to hold the tube with your teeth--especially on windy days. Eventually you will scratch off most of the paint on the filter end. The business end tends to yellow considerably with age. These things can be handy, but aluminum is bad to smoke through, they clog quickly, and heat is a problem.

I knew that a 'special cigarette' was something to do with marijuana, but I did not know that it was a covert device. In my (rather limited, and definitely not worldly) experiance, a 'special cigarette' was rather a lazy codeword or catchphrase for a joint, usually accompanied by some sort of obvious facial expression. Imagine:

Group of people smoking weed at a party. A person, not in good knowledge about smoking, walks over to the group

Newcomer: Hey, what are you guys smoking, is it a cigarette?
A Person smoking the joint: It's a special cigarette ((winks)).

Okay, not the best example, but I'm sure you get the picture.

In my understanding, it is not only limited to cigarettes - I've encountered:
  • Special coke: Coke with Vodka - drunk out of a coke can.
  • Special beer: Beer with speed in it, unobtrousively put in my beer at the Punk Pub Crawl.
  • Special vodka: Vodka with codeine in it.
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