Got a lot going on.

After a vicious and venomous fight with the female I'm talking to, she apologized and broke down. I heard her talking me down to a friend. "Is he your boyfriend?", "No, he wishes he was." Thing is, she's going through a divorce, her husband tried to kill her. He's getting kicked out, and she's dealing with the baggage, so she takes it out on me.

Anyways, I'm completely sexed out, she wore me out all weekend.

Rumors around the barracks. A Staff Sergeant saying I'm a dog, and that I've been sleeping with all these different women and bragging about it, and that he'll kick my ass. I'm not even an NCO, yet this dude is so threatened he'll talk all these untruths about me. I'm afraid I'll run into him in the village and me and Jack Daniels will lose our cool, not to mention my rank.

Waiting for Special Forces. If ya'll don't know, which you don't, I went to SFAS in March. Got selected for Special Operations, as a communications expert. So I've just been waiting for that to start next April. Got some questions, but the SF recruiters over here are no-tabbers and pretty big dickheads. Fat ass E-7s on their way out.

Got another tattoo, four-leaf clover on my firing forearm. I'm sure I'll need a little luck where I'm going, so maybe it'll work. I'd better go. It's KATUSA friendship week, and I've got to get a vehicle ready.

Oh took some cool pictures of Freedom Bridge over the Imjin River, or Imjingak, and of the grenade launcher range last friday. It was so oppresively hot. Long drive too. Ok.

Tyler Evans
, between grades 3 and 4, Shady Grove Elementary
Vichizzle McNizzle, Pimp Daddy


Vichizzle: Whaddup, dawgs, I'm hur to talk 'bout one of my favorititty time of year, an dat's summahtime, bitch! Dat right. The hotter it get, the mo skin out there on the street, and lemme tell ya sumthin, lotta fine lookin' ladies out there strippin dooowwwn to be cool! Aw yeah! Bring those pants down as low as they can go! Mmm! When I know they pussy right below the denim line, drive the Vichizz nuts, knowhaddi'msayin? And, mmm, love that titty cleavage! Cep fo the homos, what man don't?! But you know one of the best things 'bout the cleavage and the scorchin' heat inside, when they come into they nice air conditioned buildinz they nipples stand up and saaaaa-LOOT! "Hello there, nipples, how you doin?!"

Some advice on what to do durin these hot summah months: first of all, throw as many parrr-tays as yo can, get out yo grills and yo best weed and yo best drinks and blare yo favorite music and heat up the night even more! Specially on Fourth Of July! Aww yeah! Bettah not only be lightin up those firecrackahs! Celebrate yo freedom with bein as free wit yo fuckin, suckin, and smokin as yo can!

Some peoples not likin the summahtime cuz of the heat, specially if ya live in an area wit lots o' humi-di-tee! But with the titty cleavage and pussy-riders, I'll take 110 degree temps, WERD! I'll sweat my big black ballz off to view all the virtual strip teases bouncin up and down the street! Fo real! But you know what? Bein thu enterprisin' pimp muthafucka dat I am, I could take good advantage of this scorchin' heat. I should combine two of people's favorite thangs to do in the summatime: hos and water parks! I call it the Water Hos! Dat right! A ho house wit a built-in watah park! We talkin' fuck pools, nekkid slip n' slides, nekkid water slides, you name it! Yo can be water fuckin while yo water funnin, ya dig? Cool off then heat-it-up! Come on down to Vichizzle's Water Hos and hos yo'self down (in mo ways than one!). God damn I am one smart muthafucka!

Tyler: Summer vacation is fun. First of all like all the other kids I love having no school and get to play and watch tv all day. Well I have chores to do but that's ok. I used to play with Bobby Miller sometimes over the summer, like sometimes we would play some softball, have water gun fights, and plant flowers in his mother's garden. The flower thing was not as much fun as the other things but he sure liked them. But now my dad says I can't hang out with him anymore, he says that Bobby's probably a fag and I can't be friends with him. I dunno. Maybe he is. There was the time that he wanted us to play with his sister when she had a tea party for her dolls. he liked to make dresses for them. It was kind of girlish but he is very good at it.

My dad says I should hang out with kids like Spike and Darren, these guys that live up the street. He says that it would be good to be friends with them because Darren's mom is on city counsil and Spike's dad is the police cheif. But I don't actually like them very much because they like to beat Bobby up. So sometimes I'll tell my dad that I'm going to play with them, but I'll just go and play with Justin Smith and Zack Mayer who live on Lee Street. They are really fun. They are fun to ride bikes with and play Xbox with. My dad doesn't like them cuz he says their parents are dirty hippies. They do smell a little sometimes, but that's all right. Tomorow they said we're doing something really fun, that we're going to get out Justin's mom's stash, whatever that means.

My dad and mom both say that the girls on the street are dressing like little sluts. My dad even says that some of them are probably whores. He likes to sit out on the porch with me and drink some iced tea (I love my mom's iced tea) and look at them, though. Some of them are only a few grades ahead of me. He tells me that they're probably already having sex and they're going to get pregnent while still in school and mooch of the goverment like the blacks and Mexicans do. I asked him what mooching meant and he said it's when people somehow get free money from other people, or the government, that they don't deserve. Free money sounds nice to me but dad says you should work for all the money you make. I dunno. If they get free money, I'd like to be black or Mexican. When I told my dad this he got really mad at me, madder than I ever seen him. I hope he lets me go out and play tomorow so I can see what that stash thing is.

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People always have to learn the hard way.

This is not just a mere statement like "breathing out a sigh a relief".

This is a time-proven axiom that each and every individual has to live by.

For those who do not live by the hard and fast rules of this thing we call, life, eventually, it will catch up to them.

Quite amazing when you think about it - for those who have integrity, you can always notice those with it and those without it. It's true what has been said about people with no integrity - they pay for it whether it's sooner or later. Either way, the results come.

And it sounds like the people who drive to some place they don't like to give the hours to someone else they don't really care for, get what they deserve - especially when integrity doesn't figure in to their character.

Anyhow, this past weekend has been yet another life-changing event. Each and every time like-minded people get together to associate, our future seems brighter - so much so that it gets spoken into existence.

Also, a simple excercise this weekend of merely changing a defective radio unit in my car with an aftermarket piece, made me learn about the principles of learning and understanding.

It took me several times to read the instructions before I was able to go start the excercise. As I went through executing the instructions, I was able to begin my understanding of what was needed to get to the result.

As the changing, adapting and learning progressed through to the actual installation of the head unit, the language was perfectly understood when I read the instructions again. Words and physical objects began to match. The understanding suddenly became intuitive - dictionaries or glossaries were not needed.

The heart of kinesthetic learning emerged once the CD was in place, sounding its magnificent sounds - much better than the stock unit.

Quite frankly, these principles could be applied anywhere with grand success.

Out of this experience a quote is formed:

"The journey is the lesson, not the result.

The results can be, however, very sweet.

So I had the most fun you can have legally for twenty bucks this weekend. My Sensei and I bought a bunch of wood and concrete Friday night (3/4 inch 12” by 12” pine and 2 ½ inch concrete two pieces) and we broke it in the park in front of my house. Yes even though I am still a White belt, I managed to break two pieces of 3\4 inch pine at the same time (my sensei was skeptical about whether I should) the first two times it didn’t break and yes it hurt a helluvalot. But I kept going, broke a few singles and felt better. Then I decided that it was the boards or my hand gonna break and I broke two boards. At this point we brought the concrete up to the paved path so we would have a level surface. He broke his then I used the sides of his concrete to balance my concrete and despite the fact that my hand hurt like hell I broke it. Yes I broke a piece of 2 1/2" concrete with my hand. I had to type that twice because its’ still a little surreal. After that we went for beer and wings. And it was good. The funny thing is that the first few people I told just looked at me and said I was nuts. I have a bit of tenderness and what looks like some deep bruising but that’s it. In a way it is almost like it happened to someone else its like my brain can’t integrate it. I know I am not the first person to do it but. There is some thing slightly super human about it. When I let myself have it, it’s kind of crazy. Its like because I have unrealistic expectations of my self, I think I am a loser, then when I do some thing extraordinary (like break concrete) or even just good stuff (Like get a good job that I like, or the normal progress I have made in martial arts) My brain rejects it. Stupid brain. I am one of the smartest people I know, I am respectably successful yet I still think of myself as a loser. I just wish that as an adult you could look at your programming you got as a kid and, having evaluated it rationally discard the crap that has been pumped into you. I’m not sure if it is good in a way as I was just starting to think of myself as human and accepting that especially after having unrealistic expectations put on me my whole life. Busting that concrete was pretty cool though. I watched Troy this weekend as well and that was pretty cool to. I guess I shouldn't be surprised at that, as it is one of the greatest stories in western civilization. Its funny I put a pizza in the oven and got so engrossed in the movie I forgot about it till like an hour latter. The crusts were burnt around the edges and it was dry as crap but it was still edible so we ate it any way.

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