People always have to learn the hard way.

This is not just a mere statement like "breathing out a sigh a relief".

This is a time-proven axiom that each and every individual has to live by.

For those who do not live by the hard and fast rules of this thing we call, life, eventually, it will catch up to them.

Quite amazing when you think about it - for those who have integrity, you can always notice those with it and those without it. It's true what has been said about people with no integrity - they pay for it whether it's sooner or later. Either way, the results come.

And it sounds like the people who drive to some place they don't like to give the hours to someone else they don't really care for, get what they deserve - especially when integrity doesn't figure in to their character.

Anyhow, this past weekend has been yet another life-changing event. Each and every time like-minded people get together to associate, our future seems brighter - so much so that it gets spoken into existence.

Also, a simple excercise this weekend of merely changing a defective radio unit in my car with an aftermarket piece, made me learn about the principles of learning and understanding.

It took me several times to read the instructions before I was able to go start the excercise. As I went through executing the instructions, I was able to begin my understanding of what was needed to get to the result.

As the changing, adapting and learning progressed through to the actual installation of the head unit, the language was perfectly understood when I read the instructions again. Words and physical objects began to match. The understanding suddenly became intuitive - dictionaries or glossaries were not needed.

The heart of kinesthetic learning emerged once the CD was in place, sounding its magnificent sounds - much better than the stock unit.

Quite frankly, these principles could be applied anywhere with grand success.

Out of this experience a quote is formed:

"The journey is the lesson, not the result.

The results can be, however, very sweet.