Got a lot going on.

After a vicious and venomous fight with the female I'm talking to, she apologized and broke down. I heard her talking me down to a friend. "Is he your boyfriend?", "No, he wishes he was." Thing is, she's going through a divorce, her husband tried to kill her. He's getting kicked out, and she's dealing with the baggage, so she takes it out on me.

Anyways, I'm completely sexed out, she wore me out all weekend.

Rumors around the barracks. A Staff Sergeant saying I'm a dog, and that I've been sleeping with all these different women and bragging about it, and that he'll kick my ass. I'm not even an NCO, yet this dude is so threatened he'll talk all these untruths about me. I'm afraid I'll run into him in the village and me and Jack Daniels will lose our cool, not to mention my rank.

Waiting for Special Forces. If ya'll don't know, which you don't, I went to SFAS in March. Got selected for Special Operations, as a communications expert. So I've just been waiting for that to start next April. Got some questions, but the SF recruiters over here are no-tabbers and pretty big dickheads. Fat ass E-7s on their way out.

Got another tattoo, four-leaf clover on my firing forearm. I'm sure I'll need a little luck where I'm going, so maybe it'll work. I'd better go. It's KATUSA friendship week, and I've got to get a vehicle ready.

Oh took some cool pictures of Freedom Bridge over the Imjin River, or Imjingak, and of the grenade launcher range last friday. It was so oppresively hot. Long drive too. Ok.