So I had the most fun you can have legally for twenty bucks this weekend. My Sensei and I bought a bunch of wood and concrete Friday night (3/4 inch 12” by 12” pine and 2 ½ inch concrete two pieces) and we broke it in the park in front of my house. Yes even though I am still a White belt, I managed to break two pieces of 3\4 inch pine at the same time (my sensei was skeptical about whether I should) the first two times it didn’t break and yes it hurt a helluvalot. But I kept going, broke a few singles and felt better. Then I decided that it was the boards or my hand gonna break and I broke two boards. At this point we brought the concrete up to the paved path so we would have a level surface. He broke his then I used the sides of his concrete to balance my concrete and despite the fact that my hand hurt like hell I broke it. Yes I broke a piece of 2 1/2" concrete with my hand. I had to type that twice because its’ still a little surreal. After that we went for beer and wings. And it was good. The funny thing is that the first few people I told just looked at me and said I was nuts. I have a bit of tenderness and what looks like some deep bruising but that’s it. In a way it is almost like it happened to someone else its like my brain can’t integrate it. I know I am not the first person to do it but. There is some thing slightly super human about it. When I let myself have it, it’s kind of crazy. Its like because I have unrealistic expectations of my self, I think I am a loser, then when I do some thing extraordinary (like break concrete) or even just good stuff (Like get a good job that I like, or the normal progress I have made in martial arts) My brain rejects it. Stupid brain. I am one of the smartest people I know, I am respectably successful yet I still think of myself as a loser. I just wish that as an adult you could look at your programming you got as a kid and, having evaluated it rationally discard the crap that has been pumped into you. I’m not sure if it is good in a way as I was just starting to think of myself as human and accepting that especially after having unrealistic expectations put on me my whole life. Busting that concrete was pretty cool though. I watched Troy this weekend as well and that was pretty cool to. I guess I shouldn't be surprised at that, as it is one of the greatest stories in western civilization. Its funny I put a pizza in the oven and got so engrossed in the movie I forgot about it till like an hour latter. The crusts were burnt around the edges and it was dry as crap but it was still edible so we ate it any way.