October 10, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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Hear o dem bones these msgs that have quivered through the nodegel.

Q. Ever since I found E2 I have stopped going to Slashdot three times a day. Am I still a geek?
A. If you'd like to be, dear. I'm not even sure what a geek is.

Q. Hey! If Everything is Everything why do my nodes about my buddy's nicknames and dead budgies get killed or at least down-voted? What kind of bullshit is this?
A. This kind. Everything2 is not about "everything". It is an implementation of the Everything core code, a way of getting everything on a site to interact with other things on the site in interesting ways. Or at least ways that are interesting to the owners of the code and the site.

Q. What about nate?
A. What about nate?

Q. I mean, where's nate?
A. I don't know.

Q. Oh.
A. Sorry.

Q. Wghy dos spellin mater so much to yo peepul?
A. Pardon me? I didn't understand that.

Q. I rescued a cool nodeshell and it was killed! What the fuck is going on?
A. I don't know. Did you check the logs to see who did it?

Q. Ya. It was rewdfrftgbvdsed. Im gonna kicj his butt!
A. Hm. Have you msged him about it?

Q. Ya. He sent me a bunch of msgs asking me to fix splling and put some content into it. I said it had the content I wan
Q. wanted it to have.
A. Well, I haven't seen it but rewdfrftgbvdsed probably has a point. If you have a problem with his decision, msg bones.

Q. I did. He said I should stop whining and node something useful.
A. I see. Well, there's not much point in talking about it is there?

Q. Uhhh... I don't have anything else to talk about.
A.Well, Node Your Homework! then.

Q. I don't want to node my homework. I want to watch TV.
A. Okay. Then go watch TV.

Q. But there's nothing on.
A. Ah. Well, do a web search on the differences between fine linens produced in Croatia and Hungary between 1950 and 1999. Boil it all down to a few paragraphs and node it. I'll ching it if you do.

Q. Ah, no. I'll go watch TV.
A. Okay. Have fun.

Q. What is nodegel?
A. There is no nodegel!

Q. Can you resurrect a killed wu from The Crypt?
A. Um. Well. They say I can. But what came lumbering out was a just a page-long spray of error messages. I had to throw it back in before it could lumber off and cause havoc. Ask dem bones. After all, he lives there.

Q. I msged you about 3 nodes I wanted you to kill. They're still there. What's up?
A. I don't really do kills, just deletions.

Q. If Everything is Everything why do my nodes about...

And so, o dem bones, thus has it been.

Today however is a bright and shiny new day. The freegel glistens with expectation.

(Oh, and by the way, there's that thing that that Poop did...)

Later: Not much today. I had to lock the account of a troll that was following jarcher around, posting variations of "you suck, your poetry sucks" under each of jarcher's nodes.

Writeups exalted unto Heaven

Meiosis by vivid. Excellent, excellent informative node that covers almost anything one could want to know about the topic. This is indeed a node for the ages.

Writeups Killed

Some dots by Saige and fondue. E1 nodes consisting only of dots dots dots, filling the writeup as far as the eye can see. I guess it was a test of the length requirement, but aigh - did it ever screw with the layout.
bubblegum pop: post-bubble by cantsin. A meaningless reply.
Sympathy for the devil by The_March_hare. Told us its creator but begged off the lyrics "because I'm a lazy bastard." While I like content in any form, this isn't enough.
hemos needs bounty killers! by nick and Aegis-Comm. It was a nodeshell. They tried to be funny. They failed. Tragically. All we could do was advert our eyes and remove the bodies through senses of touch and smell alone.
maturbation by Tarjei. Misspelling.
Galaga by Jaypee. One line about how it's the best game ever - I suppose the other lines explaining why were abducted by aliens or something.
DWI by Jaypee. Apparently getting caught for this sucks. No! Couldn't guess that!
nt admin by KrnlPanic and Jaypee. One line slams on NT administrators. I've got sympathy (I remember my school assist. admin who was asking me how to set up programs for class) but justify your crap. These were just flames.
keeping morons busy by SinjinTiger and kcalder. We've got enough recursive nodes as is, and there's no reason to be negative with them.
nirvana by dharmaraja. "This is bliss" is not sufficient, and -5 should tell one that.
signs by Damneon. Plural, E1, fled noder. Next batter!
dev/nul by smyl and Fourier. Mistake and a note about the mistake. Please don't do that - /msg the author or an editor for removal. We don't need to keep erroneous nodes around.
schlong by smyl. Not many of these pleased me, but this one didn't even have capitalization or punctuation, and it's the noder's other and last node. Renewal may begin. Now to send Logan after those flame nodes...
supernova by lucky. Pointless Douglas Adams reference, and the noder's sole node.
lsd by shaggz. Unnecessary one liner about past experiences.
PJ Harvey by zatoichi. Pointer to the band (P.J. Harvey) or the person (Polly Jean Harvey), since this title isn't correct at all. Of course, it could just become a moot point when the node disappears and people can't find it...
school by BlueBlob, everyone, Bertron, mary magdalen, Scythe and Db8tr. Stupid slam on Bill Gates (Huh?), pointless statement, pointless and mispelled statement, another one-line pejorative statement, pro-school statement for once that's actually just as poorly done as the rest, and a schitzophrenic writeup from a one-issue fanatic. A quality writeup would be nice here.
my mp3 directory by tvtf256. -5 writeups are usually -5 for a reason. The writeup failed to justify its existence.
Allisons the bomb by SweetBob. Okay, I hate the title. Let me admit that now - the lack of apostrophe makes my teeth hurt. But it was the content itself that gave me the headache. Incoherent, inane, and just two lines. Effort was lacking. The pain...

Ghods - Titles to Edit

dragoon -> damned pedantic about proper nouns

Ghods - Nodes to Remove

Ghods - Nodeshells to Remove

Allisons the bomb

Ghods - Nodeless And Fled Users to Remove

With my prehensile cilia, I swept the following crapola from the gel:

  • loop by Joel (long gone): "See Loop." Uh, Beavis? That's recursion.

  • Psychedelia by Wrabhit (never): "see psychadelic" No, no, no. Die, die, die. "See foo", but with a misspelled "foo". Wonderful. And "psychedelic" isn't really a synonym for "psychedelia" anyway; one's a noun, the other's an adjective.

  • plug-and-play by Wrabhit: "You plug it into the computer, then pray." No hardlinks. There's a softlink to "Plug-and-Pray" right there on the node. Bye.

  • set by booger: "see also set the card game". Nope, we don't do "see foo" writeups here. I notified the user.

  • Shinjuku-eki by manteo (fled): "See Shinjuku Station."

For the studio audience, nothing is harmed when you kill a writeup belonging to a user who has never logged into this website. You're just decrementing an integer that nobody cares about. And you're not eating it anyway.

In support of Lord Brawl's delightful rant: If it costs nothing to lose a writeup, why not just spew out anything that pops into your head? If it lives, so much the better; if it dies, who cares? Without the XP penalty, we'd be killing dozens more writeups than we are now. We've got our hands full as it is. There's no harm in encouraging users to do their own quality control.

Furthermore, my experience has been that most noders are philosophical about it. I notify them, and they reply saying "Yeah, I kinda knew that one was iffy" or words to that effect. They probably don't enjoy it, but they're bright people and they understand that you can't always have it your own way. I've had writeups killed myself. One of the very first writeups I did was killed, with penalty, while it was still in New Writeups. You know what? I survived the experience. There is the occasional maniac who goes berserk, but those are rare.

Of course, I am an "authority figure" in a limited way; maybe they're more angry than they let on. I have no way of knowing that. I wish I could know.

Nodes / Writeups removed today:

  • Mass nuked some "The Most Beautiful...." and other "The Most...." nodes.

    Here's a thought: If it's the most beautiful song you've ever heard in your life (for example), doesn't it at least deserve it's own little place in node city? Maybe with lyrics, and commentary and all the gushes you can muster?

    You may find that it's already been put in here by someone else, in which case you can send them a /msg and say, "WOW, ME TOO!"

    Oh, and some entries in "How big is..." something. I forget now.

  • here's the thing, please don't fucking do this by djtalon.
    -Didn't there used to be something worthwhile in this node?
  • Scary Chatterbox Snippets by li.
    -Does everyone else dislike these "chatterbox" nodes as much as I do? Espc. when it's something YOU said in the box.
  • Worcestershire sauce sandwich by e-troon.
    -Yeah, you guessed it.
  • moJoe's Snuff Diary : Nodes I've Nuked by serpentine.
    -Just a repeat of something moJoe removed. Point? None.
  • marxist harlots by dmd w/ penalty.
    -User says "roommate made this node while I was away from my computer..."
    -I wish I had a blow job from a supermodel for every time I've heard this one.
  • Is Webster 1913 is intimidating noders? by skadip.
    -You don't really have to ask, do you?
  • Some ureadable node by tres_equis about Hesse.
    -Something was causing me to get this "you must download such-and-such to view this site" every time I logged on. I suspect this was the reason, so I took it out just to see. I'll let you know.
    -UPDATE: I was correct. Now user wants to beat me over the head w/ it 'cause I'm some sort of one-worldian-sumpinanother.
    -If this had been a node that was so HOT I couldn't stand it, I'd have downloaded the damn plug-in just so everyone could read it. But if we want every script in the universe on here, just so folks can make more mediocre nodes in more fonts, I say, no.
  • The 3 most recent w/u's in how to offend a Christian.
    -And this is a trend, make no mistake about it.
Killed: everyone's writeup in grim. It seems someone wanted to node their online nick but didn't want to get downvoted.

Killed: GuNgA-DiN's writeup in World's Greatest Sex Machine. Two lines about "Boogie Nights". THWACKOOOM!

Killed: GuNgA-DiN's writeup in fuckor. If he meant "fucker", why didn't he just say "fucker"? Also removed the nodeshell.

Killed: writeups by GuNgA-DiN (with penalty) and knarph (with mercy) in Lesbian Techniques. GuNgA's was because (A) it was one line that related what his mommy said lesbians did, (B) his username is very irritating to type, and (C) once you start picking on GuNgA, it's kinda hard to quit. Knarph's was a complaint about Svaha's formatting.

Killed: writeups by infiL00p and Hyperi0n in infil00p. The first told us nothing that wasn't already in the user's homenode; the second was some kind of odd rant about the first user. Both were completely linkless. Also deleted the nodeshell.

Killed: Jet-Poop's writeup in horror movies. Moved it to the singular horror movie, then deleted the plural nodeshell.

Zapped Nodeshells: Quite a few. Some listed above, some listed in older edlogs, some I found myself.

Deleted Users: Jaypee, ghost, Lady Kaurya, Descender, Fear, and Guest User. (Joking! JOKING! For God's sake, nate, PUT THE GUN DOWN!)


I rarely kill, and I rarely log what I kill. I apologize for this. Ideas are in the works right now...

Today, great bands bit the big one. It was merely a GTKYN that had not yet picked up speed. Writeups by the one-time EBU top twenty user cantsin and the fled and not-very-missed KaZe JoNeS were wiped. Yablo's was also wiped, with his permission. nocodeforparanoia's writeup actually had content in it, but he (she? it? I don't know your gender, nocode...) decided not to move the writeup to a new node. It was sadly killed. I believe I promised Yablo and nocode that the kills would be merciful; someone please spot them the XP.

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