Nodes / Writeups removed today:

  • Mass nuked some "The Most Beautiful...." and other "The Most...." nodes.

    Here's a thought: If it's the most beautiful song you've ever heard in your life (for example), doesn't it at least deserve it's own little place in node city? Maybe with lyrics, and commentary and all the gushes you can muster?

    You may find that it's already been put in here by someone else, in which case you can send them a /msg and say, "WOW, ME TOO!"

    Oh, and some entries in "How big is..." something. I forget now.

  • here's the thing, please don't fucking do this by djtalon.
    -Didn't there used to be something worthwhile in this node?
  • Scary Chatterbox Snippets by li.
    -Does everyone else dislike these "chatterbox" nodes as much as I do? Espc. when it's something YOU said in the box.
  • Worcestershire sauce sandwich by e-troon.
    -Yeah, you guessed it.
  • moJoe's Snuff Diary : Nodes I've Nuked by serpentine.
    -Just a repeat of something moJoe removed. Point? None.
  • marxist harlots by dmd w/ penalty.
    -User says "roommate made this node while I was away from my computer..."
    -I wish I had a blow job from a supermodel for every time I've heard this one.
  • Is Webster 1913 is intimidating noders? by skadip.
    -You don't really have to ask, do you?
  • Some ureadable node by tres_equis about Hesse.
    -Something was causing me to get this "you must download such-and-such to view this site" every time I logged on. I suspect this was the reason, so I took it out just to see. I'll let you know.
    -UPDATE: I was correct. Now user wants to beat me over the head w/ it 'cause I'm some sort of one-worldian-sumpinanother.
    -If this had been a node that was so HOT I couldn't stand it, I'd have downloaded the damn plug-in just so everyone could read it. But if we want every script in the universe on here, just so folks can make more mediocre nodes in more fonts, I say, no.
  • The 3 most recent w/u's in how to offend a Christian.
    -And this is a trend, make no mistake about it.