October 10, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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Hear o dem bones these msgs that have quivered through the nodegel.

Q. Ever since I found E2 I have stopped going to Slashdot three times a day. Am I still a geek?
A. If you'd like to be, dear. I'm not even sure what a geek is.

Q. Hey! If Everything is Everything why do my nodes about my buddy's nicknames and dead budgies get killed or at least down-voted? What kind of bullshit is this?
A. This kind. Everything2 is not about "everything". It is an implementation of the Everything core code, a way of getting everything on a site to interact with other things on the site in interesting ways. Or at least ways that are interesting to the owners of the code and the site.

Q. What about nate?
A. What about nate?

Q. I mean, where's nate?
A. I don't know.

Q. Oh.
A. Sorry.

Q. Wghy dos spellin mater so much to yo peepul?
A. Pardon me? I didn't understand that.

Q. I rescued a cool nodeshell and it was killed! What the fuck is going on?
A. I don't know. Did you check the logs to see who did it?

Q. Ya. It was rewdfrftgbvdsed. Im gonna kicj his butt!
A. Hm. Have you msged him about it?

Q. Ya. He sent me a bunch of msgs asking me to fix splling and put some content into it. I said it had the content I wan
Q. wanted it to have.
A. Well, I haven't seen it but rewdfrftgbvdsed probably has a point. If you have a problem with his decision, msg bones.

Q. I did. He said I should stop whining and node something useful.
A. I see. Well, there's not much point in talking about it is there?

Q. Uhhh... I don't have anything else to talk about.
A.Well, Node Your Homework! then.

Q. I don't want to node my homework. I want to watch TV.
A. Okay. Then go watch TV.

Q. But there's nothing on.
A. Ah. Well, do a web search on the differences between fine linens produced in Croatia and Hungary between 1950 and 1999. Boil it all down to a few paragraphs and node it. I'll ching it if you do.

Q. Ah, no. I'll go watch TV.
A. Okay. Have fun.

Q. What is nodegel?
A. There is no nodegel!

Q. Can you resurrect a killed wu from The Crypt?
A. Um. Well. They say I can. But what came lumbering out was a just a page-long spray of error messages. I had to throw it back in before it could lumber off and cause havoc. Ask dem bones. After all, he lives there.

Q. I msged you about 3 nodes I wanted you to kill. They're still there. What's up?
A. I don't really do kills, just deletions.

Q. If Everything is Everything why do my nodes about...

And so, o dem bones, thus has it been.

Today however is a bright and shiny new day. The freegel glistens with expectation.

(Oh, and by the way, there's that thing that that Poop did...)

Later: Not much today. I had to lock the account of a troll that was following jarcher around, posting variations of "you suck, your poetry sucks" under each of jarcher's nodes.