Driving while intoxicated. Getting caught behind the wheel in a moving car after having too much alcohol. Results in a ticket from your friendly Police Officer.

This is a very evil and risky act. Personally, I think people should get their licenses revoked, get a bit of jail time, and get their cars modified so that they cannot be started without a good breath test.

Particularly bad is vehicular homicide. For people who are truly sloppy drunk, I think these people should be treated like murderers, with the most egregious offenses resulting in the death penalty. We have coddled these people for too long.

Now, Since some states have limits on dui which are so low that people aren't aware of being incapacitated, before we would go to severe punishments, I think it should be necessary to prove that the person could not have resonably expected to have been in a condition to safely drive and react to unexpected events. A lot of people have known friends and acquaintances who have lost thier lives due to people driving while drunk or high.

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