It is now safe to conclude that turning our transportation needs over to cars has been a huge mistake. Just look at the evidence. In the United States in 2007, there were 41,059 fatalities from automobile accidents. That's 41,059 people who got up one morning never imagining that their life would end that day. Maybe their last thought was, "Oh. How absurd I look here, dead while only trying to move from one place to another. They'll never make a movie about my death." At least if they had fallen on a slippery sidewalk it might have looked funny, but no, their brain ended up spilling on asphalt instead. Imagine if terrorism had been responsible for that many deaths. The country would be outraged. But it was just cars. People have to find a way to get around! What do you want me to do, take the bus!

Think of how the car interacts with our most popular drug, alcohol. Yes, you can get alcohol, bring it home, and drink it alone; but that's just sad. People use alcohol to interact with each other. Interacting means going somewhere: a friend's house, a bar, a concert, etc. Generally, the event will end or the bar will close, and people will want to get back home. But now they're all drunk! Now they have to drive home drunk, and hope they don't kill some mother and her child as they leave the woman's abusive husband behind forever! At least most of the other people on the road late at night are other drunks, but still, we don't want demolition derby out there. Yes, you could take a taxi, but that's expensive; or a designated driver, but then he has to drink Sprite all night.

More than anything else, remember how driving makes you feel. Yes, there can be a sense of freedom and adventure; but you can get that on a horse, from a train, or even just from a trail. What about those other drivers on the road. Those no good, inconsiderate jerks! Don't they know how to merge! Hey buddy, did you see that stop sign! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THAT MORON! This anger can't be healthy. Driving a car is a hard thing to do. That's why they kill so many people! They move much faster than normal human speed, and they're operated by other humans. Sometimes those humans have a different judgement about what is right than you do. There is no reason to get so upset. No reason road rage should exist. If you don't know how to let things go when you are driving, you shouldn't be able to get a license.

Basically, I don't think we should eliminate all cars. I do think that cars should become a privilege. Ignore the rules, and you can't drive anymore. Cause an accident, sorry, no more driving for you. Get caught driving under the influence of any drug and never be able to drive again. Have an "incident" where your anger got out of hand? Let's get you some psychiatric counseling, and take away your license. I can't support these measures now. Even living in one of the most friendly cities to not have a car in, I can see why our transportation infrastructure forces us to drive. But I can also see something else. A future where you won't have to drive to work, but can ride a train. A future where you can go out drinking, and come home without using a car. A future where a trip to the grocery store doesn't mean first a trip to your car. A world that moves closer to human speed, with less anger and distrust. You say we cannot get there, but I see a plan. I see a future for America, and it does not exhaust!

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