Considering the Inconsiderate
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Knowing people who are thoughtful, and attentive to your feelings is life's greatest reward. Treat others as you would want them to treat you. Think about others more, and show them consideration, they'll hopefully return the favor. The more that we give to humanity, the more humanity will have to return to the individual. It shouldn't kill us to do so. Addressing every inconsiderate situation would be heedless. I rather drift directionless between topics and focus on the situations that will maximize the chances of one-on-one action.

Most people don't want to be a complete loner, keeping the world at a distance by being an obnoxious ass. Personally, it's not my problem if you piss off the wrong person on the wrong day and they snap. Being insulted by their vulgar vocabulary is the least they could do and getting beat up isn't sexy. Show a little moderation, pay attention, and use some common courtesy when inter-acting with other people. Demonstrate an ability to learn before biological scientists consider that consideration can't be taught, and it is written off in text books as an evolutionary tactic to propagate a set of genes.

Everything in life is better in reserved amounts except maybe fruits, vegetables and e2. Eating right will bring more energy to the day. Skin will have that warm glow and male secretions will taste better. They say, "You are what you eat!", if you eat nothing but junk. You guessed it. Think of the human body as a temple, preventing damage is the only maintenance. It's also very important to dress nice and smell clean, or so my grandparents tell me, it can help harbor some self-respect. Maintaining a sharp image will also attract the more respectable courtship. Perhaps, someone that has saved themselves for the one they loved. Like you did, right? Unplanned parenthood, S.T.D.'s and broken hearts are common ground these days. Wait for that perfect moment. It might sound easy enough, but teenage angst to act grown up and peer pressure makes for tough lessons learned quick. Sex can be very important, waiting for a time with that special someone should be critical. After you have had sex, it's like oxygen, you don't miss it until you ain't gettin' any. Sex is the equivalent to a drug in the sense that it releases chemicals in the brain.

The key is moderation. Good advice for everything, namely alcohol and those feel good substances. When drugs are abused a lot of bad things can happen. So, be careful. Arguments will take place, to ensure the best decision stay calm. Leave if you feel threatened. When it does come time to head home; call a cab, family member, friend, or even walk home, but do not drive while impaired. Watch for those who do. Showing some control over your behavior and actions is really attractive. Don't be fooled into thinking else wise. Letting emotions get out of control can happen, but if it's perpetual then it will become a problem. Always maintain control of yourself, you will appreciate yourself more later.

Late night college parties dismantle at some of the most outlandish times leaving the party goers looking for a place to crash. Many of those places will have people already sleeping because of obligations that most will not divagate from. Try not to wake anybody up, if you do so, apologize immediately and keep really fucking quite. During moments like these you will earn a name for yourself, be it one that's good or bad is depending on your actions.

There's always other problematic people out there like when that barely perceptive jerk that finds his licence in the bottom of a crackerjack box. Then, goes out and drives around with his head shoved so far up his ass, he's unable to see into the next lane not allowing traffic to merge. All I'm asking is for you to pay attention. Just pay attention. While driving, an already potentially disastrous situation many inconsiderate people have, and woman are guilty of this shit too; manicured bodily features, change their clothes, read, and who knows what else. Pay extra careful attention when getting ready before hand making sure not to forget anything because driving is not the time. Being stood-up is not cool, no matter the excuse.

Also, watch out for pedestrians please. Especially in parking lots, they're an unsafe place. Lets face it, your operating a deadly weapon near innocent lives, and no they won't jump into bed with you if they jump out of the way of your car. Parents should hold their kid's hand for safety reasons. A car could whip around that corner changing everything in an instant. This is why I feel strongly about never letting your kids play in a parking lot. I've witnessed handfuls of kids playing tag in a shopping center's parking lot, nearly getting ran over must be what enticed these kids play where they did. I actually hope you hold their precious little hands every chance you get while they're still at that age that they will still let you. People are in a hurry all the time, focus on others things, and become too distracted for their own good.

While on the this subject, don't be cool, use only one space to park your car. It's hard for me to imagine people even having kids, when they can't even get their car in straight. It takes only two seconds to line everything up.

Happiness can be achieved with out money. Big monetary purchases bringing ephemeral contentment, which is mistaken internal bliss. With each please, thank-you, and helpful hand you can make someone's day brighter. This, in return will brighten yours. You'll be happy by showing people that you care. You should be considerate of others even when you're not looking to copulate. Respecting other people will help maximize your opportunities in general. Remember the other 99.9% of us, those of whom you're not trying to get in the sack with --we hope--, but being considerate to us can get you some too.

Consideration appears to be in short supply these days. Everybody is willing to accept it endlessly, but never willing to reciprocate the action fully. This might be an issue that needs to be thought early to kids. Teaching your children the up-most amount of consideration is a reward in its self. The only differences between well-behaved angels and unruly brats are your examples. This is a little theory in child behavior known as Monkey see monkey do. A brother will instinctively aid his sister with her coat, children will act decent at dinner in a restaurant and clean up after them selves when at home. Providing life with all the amenities of a perfect world.

Instead, parents allow their kids to play and jump around disrupting, and when allowed destroying every environment they enter. From cussing up a storm, up rooting flowers, throwing rocks, lying, cheating, and stealing at every chance they get. There are little perverts that look under the stalls in the ladies room. Catching these kids and scolding them is useless. They're just going to do it again. Their parent's never enforced any rules and now the children are the boss. The parents obey better than their kids because the way they were brought up. Producing kind, considerate, respectful kids is a wonderful blessing to humanity. The world needs more people that care. Talk to your children about real problems in the world. The better they're prepared, the more that can done with their life.

Everybody might have a couple character flaws but they're all solvable. Yes, all of them, and fixing them is simple. The answer to all life's problems is never give up. Think about your self a little less, and more about others. And actually listen to what they have to say, and maybe the real world will become a better place after all. It's easier said then done, but with practice consideration for others does become second nature.

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