A genre of music or art that can best be understood when under the influence of mind-altering substances.
Back in the sixties, people dosed LSD and low-potency marijuana to adore tie-dye shirts and listen to music like The Grateful Dead and Jefferson airplane; nowadays kids use the same drugs and then some (extacy, DXM, etc,) gaze at fractals and listen to trip-hop and spacey electronica while rubbing vic's vaporub on each other. Times haven't changed, not in the big picture.

It is hard to put into words, it's hard to tell someone to imagine a fractal curling before you, or pulsating and writhing to the beat of the music. I'm reluctant to say that one has to experience this, one certainly doesn't, and many people have lost their minds after going overboard with this leftfield aspect of modern civilization.

Never do any drugs before fully understanding their effects and potential.

...this, by the way, was a nodeshell once ago.

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