Writeups exalted unto Heaven

Meiosis by vivid. Excellent, excellent informative node that covers almost anything one could want to know about the topic. This is indeed a node for the ages.

Writeups Killed

Some dots by Saige and fondue. E1 nodes consisting only of dots dots dots, filling the writeup as far as the eye can see. I guess it was a test of the length requirement, but aigh - did it ever screw with the layout.
bubblegum pop: post-bubble by cantsin. A meaningless reply.
Sympathy for the devil by The_March_hare. Told us its creator but begged off the lyrics "because I'm a lazy bastard." While I like content in any form, this isn't enough.
hemos needs bounty killers! by nick and Aegis-Comm. It was a nodeshell. They tried to be funny. They failed. Tragically. All we could do was advert our eyes and remove the bodies through senses of touch and smell alone.
maturbation by Tarjei. Misspelling.
Galaga by Jaypee. One line about how it's the best game ever - I suppose the other lines explaining why were abducted by aliens or something.
DWI by Jaypee. Apparently getting caught for this sucks. No! Couldn't guess that!
nt admin by KrnlPanic and Jaypee. One line slams on NT administrators. I've got sympathy (I remember my school assist. admin who was asking me how to set up programs for class) but justify your crap. These were just flames.
keeping morons busy by SinjinTiger and kcalder. We've got enough recursive nodes as is, and there's no reason to be negative with them.
nirvana by dharmaraja. "This is bliss" is not sufficient, and -5 should tell one that.
signs by Damneon. Plural, E1, fled noder. Next batter!
dev/nul by smyl and Fourier. Mistake and a note about the mistake. Please don't do that - /msg the author or an editor for removal. We don't need to keep erroneous nodes around.
schlong by smyl. Not many of these pleased me, but this one didn't even have capitalization or punctuation, and it's the noder's other and last node. Renewal may begin. Now to send Logan after those flame nodes...
supernova by lucky. Pointless Douglas Adams reference, and the noder's sole node.
lsd by shaggz. Unnecessary one liner about past experiences.
PJ Harvey by zatoichi. Pointer to the band (P.J. Harvey) or the person (Polly Jean Harvey), since this title isn't correct at all. Of course, it could just become a moot point when the node disappears and people can't find it...
school by BlueBlob, everyone, Bertron, mary magdalen, Scythe and Db8tr. Stupid slam on Bill Gates (Huh?), pointless statement, pointless and mispelled statement, another one-line pejorative statement, pro-school statement for once that's actually just as poorly done as the rest, and a schitzophrenic writeup from a one-issue fanatic. A quality writeup would be nice here.
my mp3 directory by tvtf256. -5 writeups are usually -5 for a reason. The writeup failed to justify its existence.
Allisons the bomb by SweetBob. Okay, I hate the title. Let me admit that now - the lack of apostrophe makes my teeth hurt. But it was the content itself that gave me the headache. Incoherent, inane, and just two lines. Effort was lacking. The pain...

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dragoon -> damned pedantic about proper nouns

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Allisons the bomb

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