Killed: everyone's writeup in grim. It seems someone wanted to node their online nick but didn't want to get downvoted.

Killed: GuNgA-DiN's writeup in World's Greatest Sex Machine. Two lines about "Boogie Nights". THWACKOOOM!

Killed: GuNgA-DiN's writeup in fuckor. If he meant "fucker", why didn't he just say "fucker"? Also removed the nodeshell.

Killed: writeups by GuNgA-DiN (with penalty) and knarph (with mercy) in Lesbian Techniques. GuNgA's was because (A) it was one line that related what his mommy said lesbians did, (B) his username is very irritating to type, and (C) once you start picking on GuNgA, it's kinda hard to quit. Knarph's was a complaint about Svaha's formatting.

Killed: writeups by infiL00p and Hyperi0n in infil00p. The first told us nothing that wasn't already in the user's homenode; the second was some kind of odd rant about the first user. Both were completely linkless. Also deleted the nodeshell.

Killed: Jet-Poop's writeup in horror movies. Moved it to the singular horror movie, then deleted the plural nodeshell.

Zapped Nodeshells: Quite a few. Some listed above, some listed in older edlogs, some I found myself.

Deleted Users: Jaypee, ghost, Lady Kaurya, Descender, Fear, and Guest User. (Joking! JOKING! For God's sake, nate, PUT THE GUN DOWN!)